Principal’s List for November 9

It’s been a little while since we had a Principal’s List. so we have lots to celebrate!  Read through the commendations below and you’ll agree that our teachers have identified some very important learning behaviors and examples of great character.  The students listed are leading us all by their example!  (Arissa Tan, Johnathon Khoo, and Mary Jonas are the lucky recipients of the gift certificates to the PTA Store this week!  Come to the office to collect!)

We also recognized You Mee Xu, our MS Attendance Secretary, who is leaving the MS Office later this week to take a new position in the ISB Admissions Office.  She is an honorary recipient of the Principal’s List Award this week, and several of our teachers have  expressed their gratitude for her below.  (You Mee’s replacement will be Lisa Liu, who used to work in the ISB Security Office.  Welcome back to ISB, Lisa!)

Grade 6
Rebekah Black, 6.2 for keeping her Lego Balloon Car group on task and moving forward with their new prototype. Rebekah showed great leadership in helping group members stay focused and working throughout the class period.
Marie Kurzrock in 6.1 has been pushing herself to improve as a reader. She has experimented with a variety of reading comprehension techniques and has been eager to share her learning and strategies with other students.
Emily Lin comes to EAL lessons fully prepared to do her very best. She is collaborative, motivated and hardworking.
Guided by stellar sense of curiosity, Arissa Tan showed exceptional geography and research skills by going beyond the level of expected research into the life of a poverty stricken Mahout.
Emily Wang and Bekka Black have decided to extend their understanding of narrative writing and collaborate on creating a three chapter, short story version of the Academy Award winning documentary Smile Pinki about a rural Indian girl with a cleft palate.
Rebecca Kaplan showed admirable skill in shattering two of the current climbing records on the gym 3 climbing wall. Two down, two to go, Becka!
Grade 7
Andy Wang who learns piano and trumpet organised his performance on October 25 at Euro Plaza and dedicated it to a charity fund for disadvantaged children. His performance showed pianistic flair. Congratulations.
Jane Sun is a stellar example of what a 7th grader should be. She exudes leadership as our STUCO representative and person that all students can depend on for support and friendship. In the area of Humanities she excels in each and every aspect of this interrelated class. Her deeply thought out and unique ideas shine in every discussion.
Evan Lu has shown enthusiasm and curiosity in science as we study the human body.  He has done his own research at home and comes to school with questions.  No amount of information seems to be too much as he seeks understanding.
Johnathon Khoo is working on the writing process and just completed his 6th draft of a narrative. Each draft is improving his thoughts and he is now showing not telling his audience about his character by using details and rich language. Well done!
Cameron Spellman arrived for the 2nd quarter and quickly demonstrated that he had become an integral member of 7-2. He is personable, dedicated and has a wonderful sense of humor that he shares with us every day. What a model for the 5 pillars!
Daniel Lin went above and beyond for the Habitat for Humanity Brick Week fundraiser.  He was very helpful and he worked the raffle ticket booth at International Day.
Nicky Wong is always incredibly cheerful and upbeat! I appreciate his positive attitude both in and out of the classroom!
Annabel Lee is doing a great job working to bring her class community together. Whether it is helping with discussions in class, using Padlet to move problems forward or posing questions on the Office365 group, Annabel continually reaches out to others for their ideas and suggestions. She also does a great job of sharing her own ideas!
Grade 8
Andrew Lu has consistently given a 100% in all his endeavors in drama – be it in class or in rehearsal, he always strive to be the best version of himself. Well done.
Diana Yue has a radiant smile that she shares it with everyone and that really makes hard work easier and more fun! Thanks Diana!
Roseanne Brown went above and beyond in her help with the Habitat for Humanity Brick Week fundraiser.  She helped throughout the week and then she even stayed after school to sell raffle tickets during International Day.
Mary Jonas has been a role model, coach, and cheer leader to her peers in Gr 8 Gymnastics.
Miki Nihara did an exemplary job on her science grant proposal project last week, both in researching her difficult topic and presenting in front of her classmates and a grant panel.
Special words for You Mee Xu, our MS Attendance Secretary who is moving to the Admissions Office at ISB later this week:
You Mee, you have been a sunny addition to the MS office. Your radiant smile and cute laugh always brighten the day. You will be missed. Cheers, Randy
You Mee has been so patient and helpful in working with teachers, students, and parents!  We bring her our challenges and she helps sort things out!
It was such a pleasure to work with you in the middle school office.  You are such a positive person whose spirit and enthusiasm helped to create an atmosphere that was a joy to work in each day.  I really enjoyed watching you develop in a new role, and I know that you are going to be a great addition to the admissions team here at ISB.  All the best!
You Mee has been one of the kindest and most positive people in the middle school since I arrived last year. She is always friendly, patient, and has me feel welcome since Day 1. I will miss seeing her in the MS Office!
You Mee has been amazing at posting anouncements for me, even when I sent them in late. I will miss her smile and eagerness to help!
Thx for your patience everyday since I came to ISB. Your sense of responsibility is an invaluable asset to MS!
“Here is today’s Attendance Report.”
We will miss You Me 🙁 but she will not be far away 🙂
You Mee,  you have been a wonderful support to me and the Performing Arts in general.  Every dealing with you has been gracious, helpful,  kind, efficient  and professional. I can’t thank you enough and I know that all the PA feels the same way. So glad that you will still be in the school.
Thank you Ms. You Mee for your awesome contribution to the MS Office! I will totally miss seeing your smiling face every morning. I appreciate your sweet, kind and gentle nature. Always sending you peace and joy my dear! Ms. Bertha
You Mee, Thank you for ALWAYS having a smile on your face, or kind word to say, and ALWAYS being as helpful as possible.  For extremely busy teachers who are often “crazy busy” supporting students, it’s so nice to know that colleagues like you are there to support teachers.  Thank you so much for all of your patient and quiet help over the last two years.  I wish you the best transition to the Admissions Office!!! — Ann
Thanks for all your hard work, You Mee.  You will be missed, but so happy to hear that you will be staying within the school community 🙂  XO
You Mee has a pure heart.  She does not think bad of other people and always givea helping hand.
Walking through the MS Office has always been a joy. You Mee’s smiling face and kind words makes every day a better one.
You Mee always has a bright smile and is willing to help out in an emergency.
You Mee is incredibly kind and always responds with a smile (in person and in words) when I ask her a question–again in person or via email. Her gentleness and consideration towards others will be greatly missed.


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