Principal’s List for November 16


Peace for Paris by Jean Jullien

Do you ever wonder what the future will be like?  Some people really worry about it, especially when confronted with terrorist actions like we have seen recently in France.  But when I hear about the actions of young people like those on the Principal’s List below, the future seems brighter.  This week, as we mourn with the rest of the world over the suffering in Paris and so many other places, let’s recommit to being a community that upholds the values of Global Mindedness, Integrity, Respect, Balance, Service, and Creativity.  These are values that our students can make their own as they seek to be positive influences in our world.

The following students were randomly chosen for the bonus PTA Store gift certificate: Chris Shia, Jonny Geerdes, and Isle Li .  Come to the MS office to collect!  Thanks again, PTA, for supporting the Principal’s List!

Grade 6
Nico Peerenboom  demonstrated good citizenship when he made the choice to clean up after himself rather than have an ayi get a mop and clean up for him. He took the time to do the right thing!
Davin Pan took a creative risk by successfully and memorably presenting his short story pitch in character to a panel of adult publishers.
Samuel Goh is an example to others with his consistent efforts with everything he does.  He is an example of all five pillars, but especially responsibility and respect. He shows responsibility in the projects he is involved with and has the respect of his peers for his efforts.
Chris Shia was the only MS student who took part in the AMIS Boys Choir festival at ISB this month.  He prepared very well for the festival and was a good ambassador for ISB all through the festival and at the final concert.
Grade 7
As a group of students and teachers, we often wonder how to form great communities. Rachel Lafferty does a great job in helping to form her classroom community by consistently thinking of others, conversing and exchanging ideas in respectful ways and bringing a smile with her each day.
Emily Lin showed exceptional creativity and leadership and collaboration of an original song with 3 other students of 7/4
Alexandra Rogge and Juun Evers helped me during class by running downstairs and getting a multitude of supplies! They were integral to our class success that day!
All the students in the “Wild Painting for Purpose” who in a very short period of time managed to effectively design, strategically plan and beautifully paint the set and props for this year’s middle school play, ‘The Suessification of Romeo and Juliet”  (Abando, Gabrielle Isabel Taule + Bagwell, Emma Grace + Chang, Seoyoung +  Chao, Katelyn Clara +  Chavez, Jessica Cadena + Do, Kenny + Ellis, Christina Haruka +  Huang, Maryanne +  Jon, Hannah Paula + King, Janet Yijiao + Liu, Xin Yue + Lou, Emily + Seo, Chelin + Wang, Sarah + Yong, Grace Zhimay + Zhao, Celina Si Jing.)
Michelle Johnson-Wong is a risk-taker in all the best ways! She is the only one in our homeroom who is in Suessification and I can’t wait to see her in it!
Bravo Jonny Geerdes  for consistently giving a hundred percent during rehearsals. The “Romeo” roles take a lot of energy and preparation and you have nailed it every single time. Break a leg for this week’s performances.
Billy Raptis has displayed greatly improved organization and responsibility in completing work to a high standard. Billy actively engages in class learning activities, sometimes working independently and sometimes collaboratively with others, to produce excellent written and spoken Chinese!!
Austin Li pushed himself and his group during a  difficult Socratic Seminar.  When the ideas were not flowing, he managed to find new and insightful ways to stimulate conversation and learning.
Grade 8
William Sun showed impressive maturity and golfing skill during the ACAMIS golf tournament in Shenzhen. Well done!
Isle Li recently did a math assessment and did not do as well as she had hoped. However, she took the initiative to discuss the situation with the teacher. A retake was given after she did further study with a better result. Isle, I wanted to recognize your perseverance and commitment to improve and learn. Some students would have just accepted the first result. Good job!
Liling Warwick‘s enthusiasm about and dedication to learning Chinese is amazing!!  Liling’s very positive attitude toward learning is a form of quiet leadership.  No matter how challenging it is to learn how to use accurate Chinese sentence structure in speaking or writing, or no matter how challenging it is to learn and remember lots and lots of Chinese characters, Liling’s dedication and proactivity is a shining example of perseverance!!
Jesse Sun always has such a positive attitude in and out of class.  He puts forth his best effort in his work and is always willing to help others.