Futures Academy: Ask the Right Questions

Dear Middle School Students and Parents-

Do you ever wish you could go back in time and make a different choice?  Do you wonder if your life would somehow be different if you had chosen something else?

All 6th and 7th grade students and parents have a choice to make about Futures Academy.  And the only way to make the right choice is to ask the right people the right questions.

The wrong kinds of questions:

  • A student asks a classmate who is not in Futures Academy, “Is FA harder or easier?  Do they have more homework?”
  • A parent posts on WeChat, “I heard the students get to do whatever they want all day.  Is that true?”
  • A student asks his friend, “Are you going to do Futures Academy?  I’ll only do it if you do.”

The right kinds of questions:

  • A 6th grade student asks a current Futures Academy student, “Do you like the integrated-subject approach to learning in Futures Academy?  How has it helped you?”
  • A parent asks a current parent of a Futures Academy student, “What were you worried about before you enrolled you child in FA?  Have your worries come true?”
  • A parent asks a school administrator, “How is the Futures Academy curriculum different?  How will it look on a transcript to another school?”
  • A student asks herself, “Now that I have read the brochure, does Futures Academy seem right for me as a learner?  Will it help me become a leader?”

We can only make the right choices for ourselves if we ask the right questions of the right people and get the most accurate information.  I would urge you to check out our information on Futures Academy and decide for yourself if it is right for you.  The FAQ will get you started with some of the right questions and some clear answers.  Come and talk to us in the Middle School Office or ask someone in Futures Academy if you need more information.  The good news is, you get to choose between two excellent, but different, programs.  But do make an informed choice!

We are accepting applications from 6th and 7th graders for August 2016 entry into 7th and 8th grade Futures Academy now.  8th grade students and parents will similarly be getting information about High School Futures Academy, launching for the first time next August.  These are exciting educational opportunities, and we don’t want anyone to wish they had made a different choice.  Take a little time and check it out.

Dr. Jon Hill
Middle School Principal

Mr. Fred Schafer
Middle School Assistant Principal

PS – We held an information night about Futures Academy last week and about 40 prospective parents attended.  We are willing to hold another information night if there is enough interest.  Leave a comment on this blog post if you are interested in another information night.

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  • #   Brendan Riley on 11.26.15 at 7:08 pm     Reply

    The FA facilitators are more than happy to welcome you into our space to answer any questions you might have about the program. Asking the right people the right questions is the smart thing to do!

    B. Riley
    FA Science/Math Facilitator

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