Principal’s List for November 30

A person with a growth mindset knows that they can improve through hard work, risk-taking, and learning from failure.  When we see a student struggle or fail, we have a choice how to respond.  We can call him lazy.   We can give him more work to do.  We can get frustrated.  We can tell him he just isn’t good at that skill or subject.  But none of these responses will help the student grow.  Instead, we should ask thoughtful question that help the student understand that the struggle and even failure were valuable experiences on the path to improvement.  Students who are thoughtful after both success and failure and who can respond with a renewed commitment to improve will show long term growth and resilience.

At ISB Middle School, we encourage the growth mindset when we see it.  Look for some great examples among those honored this week on the Principal’s List.  A big “Thank You!” to everyone on the Principal’s List for setting a great example for the rest of us!

(Three students from the Principal’s List were randomly chosen to receive a PTA Store gift certificate!  Michael Chan, Silvia Familiari, and Hatton Tong, please come to the office to collect!)

Grade 6
Max Zhang turned in money he found lying on the floor. Wanted to make sure it got back to the person who lost it. Integrity and honesty!
After quarter one, Sophia Yan challenged herself to become a class leader and has responded with exceptional work and collaborative skills in all areas of humanities, especially in speaking and writing.  Also, her recent narrative and story pitch show great enthusiasm and commitment to process.
Owen Green kept his Lego Balloon Car group focused and on task for the entire period. He not only understands the science concepts, but has a firm grasp of the design process. Owen used his organizational skills to help the group complete their tasks before the end of the class period.
Michael Chan is making a tremendous effort to take control over his learning and we are seeing the positive results!
Keaton Razik is always first with his hand up to offer help in the classroom. He consistently accepts responsibility for doing those extra things in class – passing out papers, helping other students with their stuff – which helps make the class a caring community of learners. Thanks Keaton!
Sunny Roh performed well on her last assessment in math. Sunny often does well in math but she is due to receive the credit she deserves.
Grade 7
Silvia Familiari‘s exuberance and winning disposition have made her quickly into an integral part of the 7-2 class. She was new this year has transitioned with ease becoming a fine member of our Mentoring class and a superior Humanities student as well.
Timothy Chau demonstrated great problem solving skills by thinking outside the box and solving a real life technology problem.
Alexander Jiang has been on fire this week in math class! He has run with the idea of making a package to hold rice. His first package is already complete, he has determined that his excess volume is within the acceptable range and he is planning second package. Alex, thanks for stepping up!
Jeremy Ng has been working extra hard in all areas and he always brings a great sense of humor and enthusiasm to everything he does! He is really pushing himself to achieve a this highest potential!
Curtis Wong exemplifies “responsibility.”  He always comes for extra help to check if his work is the best it can be.  He always hands in his work on time and is willing to help others who might need it.
Vita Magnier is both thoughtful and careful when approaching her math work and is modeling perseverance and how to learn from her first attempts at problem solving.
Silvia Familiari is eager to learn on the volleyball court and in the classroom.  She has a growth mindset with her willingness to ask questions and receive feedback.
Jacob Hitchcock has been doing a great job catching himself up.  He describes it as a procrastinator making the hard decision not to procrastinate.  I think a lot of us can understand how impressive that is!
Grade 8
Agnes Shan demonstrated amazing courage when she performed her vaulting skills in front of her peers.  Great work Agnes.  We were all very proud of you.
Fraser Huang and Colin Yu did a fantastic job leading our Academic Games class through 3 different games that they designed themselves. They developed creative ideas for games and confidently led a full FUN class on their own. They were the first group to lead their own games this term and they set an excellent example for everyone else. Well done!
Angela You volunteered long hours after school to help with the middle school production as a prop handler and backstage manager. She supported the actors during rehearsals and ensured  a smooth transition of the show. A big thanks to Angela!
Jessica Na’s confidence has really grown. She is now taking on more responsibility for her learning by asking great clarifying questions to ensure she is on the right track.
Yu Fujita was faced with a peer pressure issue last week and dealt with it beautifully.  He has my respect!
I absolutely love the positive energy and passion Julie Chen brings to Humanities.  She is prepared for class and ready to share her ideas about our topics every day.  I love seeing her in action!
Elaine Jin was struggling to understand the phenomena of seasons but she kept asking questions, using a model to learn and understand. She did not give up. Her struggles helped her to get a clearer picture of this concept. Good growth mindset.
When I returned from taking a personal day the  substitute teacher made a special comment about Hatton Tong. She described that he was “most enthusiastic about sharing and discussing” the topic during science class. It was GREAT to hear such a positive comment, especially when the teacher is absent.

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