ISB Middle School Updates

Dear Middle School Parents-

Once Upon a Hutong is coming! Our MS drama production is sure to be amazing on November 24-26. Get your tickets online using a computer! Be sure to set the quantity to the correct number and update your cart. In the end, you should have a QR code with each person’s name who will attend. These can be brought on your phone or printed out.

Digital Citizenship, or online behavior, is often talked about in our school.  Our students need a balance of online and offline time, and it is important that they show good character (Integrity, Respect, etc.) in both online and face-to-face conversations.  When students do behave poorly online it is usually in form of bad language, inappropriate discussions or images, or bullying.  When these unfortunate activities take place, it is nearly always very late at night.  We urge all ISB parents to closely monitor online activities at home, and we would suggest that computers and phones should only be used in common areas of your home such as the living room or dining room.  Students will sleep better and stay away from trouble online if you keep the phones and computers out of their bedrooms.  As young adolescents, they still need your guidance and watchful eye to keep them safe, both online and offline.  We are offering Parenting in the Digital Age discussions here at ISB on November 8 and 15 at 8:45 in Room 2116 (Nov 8) and the Glassbox (Nov 15).

After School Policy – Middle School students may only stay on campus after school if they are in a supervised activity (sports, clubs, ASAs, Office Hours, drama practice, etc.) or have made arrangements for tutoring on campus.  The expectation for all other Middle School students is that they will leave campus at 3:30pm.  Student who finish an activity and must wait for transportation should do so in the cafeteria or library.  Please contact us at the Middle School office if you have questions about this policy.

The Innovation EXPO@ISB is coming on November 19.  Many of our Middle School students will be showing their creative projects and learning at this exciting event.  Join us anytime between 10am and 4pm in the Dome.  There will also be food vendors selling a variety of food all day.  Kids and adults of all ages will enjoy this event which is open to the public and no tickets are required.  Bring your friends and enjoy a great day in the ISB community!

Thank you again for trusting ISB with the education of your amazing children!

Dr. Jon Hill
ISB Middle School Principal