Principal’s List, November 22

The Principal’s List is huge this time!  There are so many examples of students putting our core values into practice.  Way to go students! Every student on the list should get a cool badge from their homeroom teacher, courtesy of our supportive PTA!

Grade 6
Loup Wang has continually demonstrated an admirable work ethic in science. He has attended review sessions, asked insightful questions and has been accountable for his learning by revising assignments until he understands completely and meets the standard. Keep up the great work!
Zhiqi Xu has been super-impressive lately. He has been working super-hard and is really showing a commitment to learning by asking super questions and making sure his work really is the best it can be.
Erica Pan and Daniel Lee continue to demonstrate Responsibility and Integrity through their consistent hard work, focus, and willingness to help others.
Matthew Yang continues to demonstrate that he is a caring student in our PE class.  He works with a variety of classmates and works with integrity and compassion.  well done Matthew.
Oscar Hamada has shown responsibility as a learner by asking questions when he is unsure, as well as continuing to work with a piece of writing until he feels it is truly his best work. I have been impressed with Oscar’s growth mindset and constant pushing himself to do his absolute best.
Paris Chang is responsible, creative and reliable. Very respectful and dedicated.
Maxim Pean demonstrates responsibility and balance through his participation in class, enthusiasm, and conscientious attitude.
Ryan Huang was a great team member who supported and cooperated with  his peers in the group project today!
Over this past week in Math and Science, Kenneth Ho has been proactively engaged in asking questions and clarifying his work with his teachers. Great job taking charge of your own learning, Kenneth!
During the dance unit in PE, Nathan Chan demonstrated his empathy for his peers feelings. He worked hard to encourage his peer when they felt self concious and went out of his way to make them feel inclusive.
Joyce Jiang has demonstrated responsibility and persistence when it comes to demonstrating knowledge and understanding of science concepts. She asks great questions, shares insightful connections, and applies what she learns to classroom tasks. Keep up the good work!
Emma Wang participated in all class activities well and showed caring to peers who needs help.
Congratulations to Richard Jiang for brightening my day with his jovial greetings and cheery disposition. He is always a pleasure so early in the morning.
Deniz Guven demonstrates taking ownership of her learning on a regular basis. Deniz is always prepared for class. She does not hesitate to ask questions in person or by email. Keep up the good work!
Grade 7
Ireland McDermott and Huck Henderschedt have put in a lot of effort to lead the mentoring in FA!
Luna Liu has demonstrated outstanding service and creativity with her Genius Hour bath bombs project. She has put lots of extra time into her awesome project after school and will be presenting at the Innovation Expo on Saturday. Great job Luna!
Ethan Koh has shown dedication to his craft and great time management skills in the way that he has been editing and producing great videos for FPR
Nefertiti Cheung demonstrated creativity and discipline by not only completing her yearbook assignment by deadline but also incorporating feedback in to her work and demonstrating proper design technique and creativity.
Joyce Sun took time out of her own schedule to help another student who was having difficulty with tenses.  Way to set a positive example for the rest of us by lending a helping hand!
Sunny Roh demonstrates respect on a daily basis.  From a simple smile, to completing her work on time, every time. Keep up the good work Sunny, you are an all around great person.
Ashley Li continues to show a lot of balance in her life as she juggles school, swimming and dance. Keep up the great work and coming into class with a smile.
Shawn Quek has done a better job of managing his time, focusing on completing his assessments, while being a great producer for FPR pieces.
Stella Fang, thank you for demonstrating such courage! Smiles!
During our first 7th grade volleyball game, Tori Hill sat out a set because she gave her shoes to a teammate who forgot their shoes so that the teammate could play.  Thank you Tori for being so kind and thoughtful!
William Shen shows Respect: Trying his best to communicate effectively in English with his classmates and teachers.  Helpful to classmates who may be having difficulty understanding or staying on task
Yujin Kim is a very respectful and conscientious student. I am constantly amazed by her follow-up with questions and clarifications after instructions are given in class. Yujin is an great example for everyone!
Ally Kim always shows a commitment to her work and she demonstrates integrity when  participating class activity.
Sandy Seung Hee Han showed great creativity in making props which enhanced the theatrical effect of our class play.
Sunny Roh has done a great job of managing her time while going above and beyond in helping us to finish and format the FPR website.
Jerry Zheng has displayed exemplary ability to show global mindedness, respect and creativity as he led his group in their higher level Socratic Seminar.
Edric Kan has displayed exemplary ability to show global mindedness, respect and creativity as he led his group in their higher level Socratic Seminar.
Grade 8
Creativity – Abby Toone, Molly Homer, and Khushi Choudhary have worked on a guitar project involved recording, editing and arranging just like the pros.  They sound amazing!
Michelle Johnson-Wang has consistently been performing at a high level in both the drama classes and at the “Once Upon a Hutong” rehearsals. She is a dependable, responsible and committed cast member. She has proven herself to deserve the lead role in the play.
I love June Cho’s enthusiasm everyday in Humanities.  She is excited and passionate and ready to learn every day.
Corinne Weirzchowski showed great creativity in PE when she choreographed her own gymnastics routine.
A ‘Thank you’ is in order for Laura Husband.  Her climbing friends benefit from her knowledge and enthusiasm on the wall.  Great climbing Laura!
Haylie Wampler put a sign on her locker this week to help spread smiles to everyone passing by! Way to build community and show you care,  Haylie!
Evelyn Chen showed INTEGRITY in French this week.  She missed two days of school and therefore two days of French class.  But she took the time to do all of the homework and classwork.  Even even asked insightful questions in class about the grammar and showed great maturity towards the work.
Jacob Hitchcock is always prepared to work consistently in PE.  Jacob shares his opinions openly and is prepared for constructive feedback to his peers and openly critiques his own work.  Jacob is very respectful of others.  Great job!
Serena Chang has been a model for balance as we delve deeper and deeper into Project Consume in Futures Academy. She has not only been completing tasks on time, but delving deeper into understandings and looking forward to future tasks.
Emma Liu showed great passion and creativity in her Chinese project: What make me who I am.
Jamie Jeong has a great work ethic in my Chinese class. She always submitted works on time and provide helps to others when there is a need.
Chang Sun demonstrates integrity on a daily basis in FA. She uses her class time productively to work on her project, seek help, and collaborate with others.
David Gong demonstrates integrity and respect every single day with his unfailing positivity. Davy brings happiness to every room every day. Thanks for being such a great person, Davy!
Shawn Teh consistently shows great service by willingly assisting others whenever he can. His work with assisting with getting the Goodreads widget up and running was great.
Charlie Kim and Sida Wang created an original polymer advertisement with their remix of Pineapple Pen.  They were CREATIVE risk takers and choreographed a song and dance to share their knowledge and love of science with their class and teachers.
Thanks to Haylie Wampler for being a constant calming influence on the boys in the class and showing great collaboration skills.
Siri Cavallerano’s engagement during class discussions this week has been phenomenal!  Her contributions have been meaningful and incredibly beneficial to the class.  Great job Siri!!



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