Middle School United: Conferences and MORE on March 26 and 27

Dear Middle School Parents-

In the Spring of 2017, we conducted Student-Led Conferences across the Middle School for the first time.  The feedback we received from parents was overwhelmingly positive, but some parents wanted more access to individual teachers and the opportunity to spend more time at school after making the effort to come to campus.

We listened, and for 2018 we have developed a community learning opportunity that we hope will address these concerns and provide many opportunities for students, parents, and teachers to talk meaningfully about learning at ISB.  We are calling the event, “Middle School United.”

The event has two main parts: Student-Led Conferences and Learning Opportunities.

Student-Led Conferences: Parents will sign up for one conference time only.  This will be your Student-Led Conference.  It will be held in Gym 2, the Upper Gallery, or the Futures Academy space.  After a brief check in with the child’s core teacher, students will independently conduct the Student-Led Conference with their parents.  This will take around 30 minutes.  Following the Student-Led Conference, parents will be welcome to visit any teacher in the Middle School for a brief (less than 5 minutes), optional chat.  These chats will not be scheduled, but may happen on a drop in basis.  The teachers will be conveniently located in Gym 2, the Upper gallery, and Futures Academy for parents’ convenience.

Learning Opportunities: We realize that parents want to know more about what we do here at ISB.  So, throughout both conference days, we will be offering special Learning Opportunities for parents and students.  Here is the schedule as a PDF: MS United Learning Sessions    Please look over this schedule carefully and decide which sessions you would like to attend.  There is no need to sign up for sessions, just come and enjoy any sessions that interest you.  Bring your child (or children) with you.  Try to choose a time for the Student-Led Conference that will allow you to attend the Learning Opportunities that interest you most!

Sign ups for Student-Led Conference times will happen on Dragons’ Gate.  In an effort to make the process as simple as possible and to minimize conflicts for families with more than one child at ISB, we have established the following sign-up schedule:

•    March 13: Registration opens at 9:00 am for families with more than one child at ISB

•    March 16: Registration is open at 4:00 pm to all families

Sign-ups will remain open for all families until 12:00 noon on March 23. After this time, if you need to make changes or cancel an appointment, we ask that you make a phone call to the Middle School Office: 8149 2345 ext 1084.

We hope you will take full advantage of this great opportunity to learn about your child’s progress AND experience the great learning here at ISB!  Let’s unite as a learning community at Middle School United!

See you on March 26 and 27!

Dr. Jon Hill
ISB Middle School Principal


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