MS Principal’s List for March 19

At ISB, we honor members of our community who demonstrate our core values of Global Mindedness, Integrity, Respect, Balance, Service, and Creativity.  The following Middle School students have recently demonstrated these values in a special way.

Grade 6
Ashley Wang, 6.1, showed great detail and astute creative thinking with his Design Technology movie. Congratulation on work well done.
Emily Parker spent one whole class time helping set up the Book Art Hidden in the Stacks exhibit in the MS Library. Her outstanding willingness to participate made a difference to the whole class being able to share their work with others. Emily’s willingness to help is one of the many great things about her!
Sybil Beadles, 6.3, showed great detail and astute creative thinking with her Design Technology movie. Congratulations on work well done.
A student came to me with a locker problem.  They couldn’t open their locker and therefore could not get the materials needed for class.  I could tell the student was a little nervous about not being prepared for class.  Joshua Libby got up out of his seat without being asked and said, “Come on, I’ll help you open your locker.” This example is just a sample of Joshua’s attitude of respect and helpfulness.
Annie Wang demonstrates many ISB core values in how she conducts herself every day. Annie gives her best effort in class, works hard, is mindful of others, and is respectful to all those people she meets. Well done, Annie!
Kaylyn Park demonstrates the core values of Respect and Balance in the way she tries hard to maintain a positive attitude, exhibits a growth mindset, is courteous and considerate of her classmates and others, and gives her best effort in her studies.
Elizabeth Wise-Maldonado, 6.6, showed great detail and astute creative thinking with his Design Technology movie. Congratulation on work well done.
Grade 7
Harry Seo demonstrates the core value of service when he helps Theo in his wheel chair moving from class to class.
Jasmine Zhou has consistently been a positive contributor in class, offering help to her teachers and classmates and demonstrating a growth mindset.
Joel Kumi was very helpful to another student in class today who needed assistance going from one class to another due to his injury. He willingly and immediately volunteered to help out when I asked if anyone would “like” to help this person. I appreciate this about Joel–his kindness and caring for others and willingness to help out.
Edric Kan was kind and helpful today, stopping what he was doing to help me carry a heavy item back to my classroom. I appreciated that he took time to stop and help me, regardless of what else he was doing! Great showing of empathy, respect and integrity! Great job, Edric!
Daniel Lee stopped and help me pick up a big pile of papers I dropped as I was hurrying to class! I really appreciated his kindness in stopping and assisting a teacher in need! Great job, Daniel
I appreciate how Scarlett O’Keefe enters each day with a positive attitude, includes others into group works and pushes herself into leadership roles by speaking in front of others and organizing her fellow classmates and helping them stay on task.
Scarlett O’Keefe regularly shares her thoughts and knowledge during class discussions. Her critical thinking skills are evident and a valuable part of the discussions. Thanks Scarlett!
Sofia Roy is consistently a model citizen. She treats everyone with respect and dignity. She is a quiet participant, making it evident she is engaged when she contributes to conversations. If needed she takes steps to better understand a concept. Thank you Sofia!
Grade 8
Sophia Yan has demonstrated great respect for herself and her peers in Algebra through the consistently excellent effort she has been putting into learning and through the way she helps others in a positive and encouraging manner. You are appreciated, Sophia!
Isabel Su demonstrated the core values of creativity and service by designing a Power Point about French Speaking countries.
Michael Chan has been really passionate and engaged with how to inspire awareness for people with disabilities. He’s been really creative and forward thinking in his ideas. Good job!
Over the past month, Angela Zheng has demonstrated integrity and service in Volleyball.  She is always doing exactly what she should be doing, without reminders or prompts.  She also takes initiative to help clean up equipment without being asked.


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