Join us for our MS Showcase Concert!

MS Showcase Concert – Wednesday, May 30, 4-5:30pm in Gym 1

The concert is a showcase of the work that has been going on in the band, choir and orchestra classes since The Simply concert series in March.

At this stage of the year groups work on refining skills taught in the earlier part of the year, building solid ensemble skills as well as continuing to develop their own personal technical skills.

The pieces in the program are designed to reflect music from different cultures and backgrounds, as well as different geographical areas.  The rich variety of styles helps students to develop appreciation of music as well and the enjoyment of playing and singing.

Some individual students are also featured as solo players in some of the different pieces – you can see the names in the program.

In the two orchestras featured in the concert you will hear different styles: jazz, Irish, middle-eastern as well as western classical. One of the pieces also has elements of the ancient Japanese art of paper folding – you will see this used in a non-traditional way!

A song where you’re supposed to make mistakes? Pink or Black? Beethoven and the Legend of Sleepy Hollow.   Just a few of the songs that will be performed by the Development and Advanced Bands at our final concert on Wednesday at 4:00pm

Come and join us!  All parents, teachers, and students welcome!  Students will be able to take the 6pm bus home.

Dr. Jon Hill


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