Last Principal’s List of 2017-18 School Year!

It has been a great year in the Middle School, largely due to students who lead by being examples of Global Mindedness, Integrity, Respect, Balance, Service, and Creativity.  Let’s congratulate the following students, recognized by their teachers and advisers for their efforts in the last few weeks.

Grade 6
Edward Zeng, 6.2, showed great detail and astute creative thinking with his Design Technology movie. Congratulation on work well done.
Sybil Beadles showed kindness and respect when we were on our Yanqing mentor trip.  I am sure no one from our lunch table noticed her unassuming caring, but I just happened to be sitting across from her and I did notice. Sybil is a good example for all!
Emily Ng has demonstrated global mindedness with her in depth awareness of her endangered species and it’s role in the world.
Congratulations to Lucas Kang, who ventured out of his comfort zone during the May trip to actively participate in raucous group activities, take part in new adventures, and show us his sense of humor!
Joyce Li showed her respect for others by being supportive of a classmate and a caring friend on the Grade 6 May trip.
Jake Ridlon demonstrated his global mindedness by being a positive, friendly, and approachable ambassador who helped bring classmates together during the Grade 6 trip to Yudu National Forest.
Lucas Jang continues to show his balance and integrity by being an enthusiastic participant in group activities, a hard worker, and considerate classmate who consistently treats others with respect and kindness.
Christina Lin has been a motivational force on the FPR team.  Not only has she stepped out and contacted CNN heroes and other influential people to get great interviews, she has been an inspiring leader to others in FPR and never backs down when a challenge is presented, but her public speaking skills, her ‘no fear’, and her journalistic integrity have also blossomed throughout this year.  Christina did a great job at the ISB Journalism Conference and shone above others, although being the youngest member of our team!
Paul Bezelgues did a great job of working with Jason Moran in creating editing workshops for the ISB Journalism Conference this weekend. Paul also did a great job of facilitating activities for other schools on Saturday.  Paul always had a positive attitude and made friends easily with members of other schools.  His character and his commitment made this conference a memorable experience for many at the conference this year!
Kyungkyu Park has been willing to take risks in music composition and had a wonderful piece of music created during class.
Grade 7
Yizi Ganggang Wei demonstrates creativity, integrity and balance as he consistently strives to challenge himself and find ways to take his Chinese learning and projects to an even higher level. He is phenomenal.
Sveva Familiari has been a key member of 7-3 all year, shining as she helped her classmates learn new dances for our assemblies and always being there to assist anyone who needs a helping hand. Her exuberant personality shines through as she always behaves with integrity and good humor whatever the situation.
Alice Xu has been such an important member of 7-4 Humanities who is always available to solve problems and help others. She is adept at technology and is always willing to assist others who cant quite accomplish the task at hand and does so in such a respectful and easy-going manner.
Stephanie Guo Li always has an incredible “can do” attitude. She comes to Chinese class ready to do her best-which always includes attempting to extend beyond. Stephanie is willing to help others and is a great example of a team-player. Thanks Stephanie for her positive influence in classroom!
Sofia Poulsen did a great job creating a nice video for her Chinese PBL with the cartoon figures, which was fun to watch!
Scarlett O’Keefe is recognised for her willingness to take leadership in group activities, and her creativity in doing the most recent Chinese PBL.
Bessy Belay is incredibly polite and cheerful. Quite simply, I am stoked to have her in my class because she’s just so nice.
Grade 8
Although Jennifer Kang joined our Chinese class for less than two months, she fully demonstrated the responsibility as a learner, and showed respect to her classmates, teacher and the learning time in class. Her commitment to studying Chinese is impressive. Keep it up!
Amanda Cai demonstrated the core value of service when she create a Quizlet for all the class in order to learn more.
Evan Lin stepped up at the ISB journalism conference in the way that he lead workshops but also because of the amazing video that he made OF the conference WHILE it was happening, and showed the finished product during his final keynote speech on Saturday.   Evan has grown so much in his leadership skills and creative capacities.
Shawn Quek has done a fantastic job of leading FPR this year.  At the ISB Journalism conference, he did a great job of leading workshops, facilitating student projects, and gave an inspiring closing keynote speech on the last day of the conference.  Shawn is a talented cinematographer and a passionate youg leader.
Sabrina Lam has done great job of organizing the ISB journalism Conference and has done an even better job of being a leader and facilitator in FPR this year.  Sabrina handled much of the ‘behind the scenes’ work for the journalism conference and without her leadership, the conference might not have run so smoothly.  Sabrina is a problem-solver, a compassionate leader, and a great critical thinker. She also did a great job with her keynote speech.
Lyndon Beadles is another passionate FPR member who did a great job facilitating the ISB journalism conference and delivering workshops for fellow students.  Lyndon’s commitment and passion had him at school at 7 am or earlier on both Friday and Saturday, selflessly giving to others.  Lyndon’s energy is contagious and his commitment is serious.  This conference would not have been the same without Lyndon’s efforts.
Ireland McDermott has always been quietly helpful and supportive in class. Last weekend she served our entire community through her work as part of the ISB team that Live-streamed the ISB graduation ceremony. Great work, Ireland!
Hannah Raustoel has stepped up in her leadership this year in FPR.  She has grown so much as a person and her confidence and ability to tackle projects have also improved significantly.  Hannah put in a lot of the organization work for the conference, she lead engaging workshops, she produced some great content during her workshops at the conference and acted as a committed facilitator to ISB students and students from other schools. Hannah’s  growth is a true testament to her commitment. Thank you for a great year!