Principal’s List and October Break

Dear Parents, Students, and Teachers of the Middle School-

We have reached a milestone of the school year… the Autumn Break!  I hope you all have a wonderful time with friends and family over the break and are ready on October 8 to dive back into the learning with enthusiasm and energy.

Also, please enjoy the first ISB Middle School Principal’s List of the 2018-2019  school year!  We celebrate our ISB Core Values of Global Mindedness, Integrity, Respect, Balance, Creativity, and Service by recognizing students who have been examples of these values.  Teachers have nominated the students below.  The Middle School PTA has sponsored the Principal’s List again this year, providing stickers to the awardees that can be placed proudly on their computer covers.  Watch for future Principal’s Lists as the year progresses!

Grade 6
Yao, Shi (Samuel) always demonstrates the core value of respect in class and he is a role model for his peers. He shows respect to academic expectations by working diligently to complete his task to his best ability, and he shows respect to his classmates by being considerate and cooperative.
Clarence Chan demonstrated the core value of creativity when he created the “Live News” on our Great Wall hike. He included all others in his group during “interviews”, beginning a series of “reports” that were both fun as well as made everyone laugh.
Takumi Kamilya is a wonderful collaborater in class. He openly listens to his peers and ensures that he is inclusive of his team members when playing in games. He not only respects everyone in his community but he also goes out of his way to assist his teacher and his peers when they need help with set up or when they are struggling with specific tasks.
Sriramakrishna Sayi Machiraju demonstrated strong ethics during the trip. He tried to help others while hiking, he was also always respectful, he followed rules carefully and tried to lead his group in the right direction.
Xiatian Liu always carries a smile on his face, and genuine interest in discussions. He does not hesitate to ask questions to inquire about his and others academic success. Thanks Xiatian!
Chelsea Choi continues to set a positive example in class through her hard work and consideration for others. She demonstrates respect and integrity in her actions and is a valued member of her class.
Chetali models the ISB core values of Respect and Integrity by consistently being kind and thoughtful to her peers. Her attitude and actions as a good friend and classmates were very much appreciated on the trip!
Grade 7
Lucas Kang demonstrated the core value of respect with his polite and respectful demeanour shown in Chinese class. His effort of using the class time for best learning is appreciated too.
Annabel Tan, Poppy Upite, and Stella Wu did an amazing job conquering Jacob’s ladder.  It was so impressive to watch their teamwork!
Stella Wu has demonstrated since the beginning of the year almost all of the ISB Core Values during French lessons. She shows creativity in her tasks, respect and integrity.
Eric Ge demonstrates respect for others and is consistently engaged in class discussions. He works hard to turn in his best work, cooperates well in group activities and is always willing to reach out to his classmates.
Michael Sakai has demonstrated excellent talent and skills for music composition of different kinds.
Taylor Monroe consistently shows respect for other students and adults through her daily actions.  She is helpful to anyone who needs it, demonstrates natural leadership tendencies and gives her undivided attention to those she interacts with.
Carina Hong always has an incredible “can do” attitude. She comes to Chinese class ready to do her best–which always includes attempting to extend beyond. Carina is willing to help others and is a great example of a team-player.
Both Kevin Kang and Emily Pareker participated in our pre-mentoring trip informational seminar by standing in front of both 7-3 and 7-4, explaining what the trip would entail. They were willing to help out when teachers approached them and they gave a great overview of what to expect on the trip! Great job!
Both Matthew Lim and Joyce Li participated in our pre-mentoring trip informational seminar by standing in front of both 7-3 and 7-4, explaining what the trip would entail. They were willing to help out when teachers approached them and they gave a great overview of what to expect on the trip! Great job!
Angel Wang is a respectful member of our homeroom, who did a great job supporting her classmates during our trip. Her words of encouragement as her classmates struggled on the ropes course were a great service in helping them
Emily Ng has proven to be a natural leader within the 7-7 FA homeroom. She has stepped into roles that have required more work and effort in order to complete a task with her team. She is the student that follows directions and shows respect to her teachers and her classmates. She models good behavior and responsibility.
Grade 8
Michelle Kwon demonstrated the core value of respect and service during the 8th grade fall trip. She respected her peer’s wish, stayed behind her patiently, and actively encouraged her peer to overcome her fear and keep moving forward on the Via Ferrata.
Katherine  Zheng did a fabulous job in supporting her friend as they climbed the Via Ferrata wire and along the hike. So impressive!
Renee Kuo demonstrates creativity, integrity and balance as she consistently strives to challenge herself and find ways to take her Chinese learning and projects to an even higher level.
Angela Yu showed incredible bravery and a willingness to challenge herself beyond her personal expectations as she conquered Via Ferrata on the 8th grade mentoring trips.  I am proud of you!
Max Pean is an active member of 8-5. During class and homeroom, he actively collaborates with his peers, guides others in their learning, leads during discussions and is a positive contributor to a group as a whole.  He has a positive mindset as he has demonstrated the core values of respect and integrity.
David Liu demonstrated extreme perseverance completing the Via Ferrata challenge. During the route he was very nervous, worried and tired but over time he overcame his fears and was successful in the end. Congratulations David-You Never Gave UP!
Theo Kim did not want to do the Via Ferratta rock climb at first and actually quit, but was convinced that if he did it his friend who also wanted to quit would also do it. It was scary and hard and crazy, but he persevered and pushed through and in the end he agreed that it was worth it!
Monika Middendorf was a powerhouse on our hike, making sure to stay active, positive, and energetic! She was helpful and considerate to those around her! Great job!
Kamsen Yu was really great at helping others, including being a translator for a couple of activities! He was upbeat and positive and represented ISB well!
Evelyn Markey has demonstrated the core value of Balance when she crushed the vertical challenges in front of her during the grade 8 trip with via ferrata.
Leo Wu acted with integrity by standing up for some classmates, even though it was hard for him to do.
Oscar Hamada always acts as a role model for his peers in class in terms of respect and consideration.