MS News Update: Honk, Changing Schools, Futures Academy Enrollment, and more!

Dear MS Parents, Students, and Teachers-

What a great time of the year!  The cold weather is here, signalling holidays and new opportunities just around the corner!  Please take note of the following important updates:

  • Teacher Recommendations for New Schools: If a student needs school and teacher recommendations for other schools that have application deadlines in January or February, then we ask that all requests for such recommendations be provided to the MS Office or our counselors by November 30.  Please note, teachers will only complete recommendations that are requested via the MS Office or a counselor.  Also, there is a limit on the number of schools for which we will provide recommendations.  For more information, please contact Lisa Liu in the MS Office.
  • MS Parent Coffee on November 21: All MS Parents are encouraged to attend our MS Parent Coffee on November 21 at 8:30am in the MPR.  We will be very interested in gathering parents’ opinions on some proposals for new course offerings in the Middle School for next school year.  Fifth grade parents are also welcome to attend and give input.
  • Futures Academy Enrollment: Information sessions and enrollment for Futures Academy for next year will take place in January and February this year.  Any 6th and 7th grade students and their parents who want to join Futures Academy for the 2019-20 school year will have the opportunity to hear about the program and submit an application.  (Please note: Re-enrollment for current 7th grade student in Futures Academy will happen before the winter holiday.)
  • HONK, Jr.: Our Middle School Musical is happening this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Get tickets here.
  • Trimester 1 Academic Reports: Reports will be emailed home on the afternoon of November 21.

Dr. Jon Hill
ISB Middle School Principal