CASTA Thursday

This Thursday our school will be celebrating the arts all day at CASTA. Students should wear their tie-dye CASTA shirt to school.

3RC’s performance will be from 11:15 – 11:35 at the Upper Gallery (2nd floor, just outside the theater.)

ES Spirit Week

This week we will be having our Spirit Week dress ups. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday will each have a theme.

Wednesday is Neon: dress up in bright colors – it is okay to clash! Image result for neon clothesThurday: Our class theme is Movie Characters – make sure you know the character name and the movie.

Image result for children's movie characters to dress up asFriday: House Color Challenge – wear your house color shirts!


This week in 3RC we were learning about researching about a topic. We will be learning about objects in space and other phenomena in science over the next weeks of school. We were looking up important and interesting facts about what interests us. As we learn more, we will be able to narrow down on our topics. So far we have read articles and watched videos while taking notes.

Here are some photos from today’s recess. It was nice out, but a little chilly still in the morning.

3RC Happy New Year

Here are a few pictures from today’s celebration.

Happy New Year!

3RC World Air Toss and Basketball

This week 3RC participated in the World Air Toss House Color Challenge. Everyone got a chance to earn points for their house color team. Our class came ready with their color shirts and a lot of enthusiasm. We also got to show our ISB school spirit while watching the ISB Varsity basketball team play against the Canadian Academy from Kobe, Japan. It was an extremely close game right to the last minute when it was 55 – 55. ISB won by scoring a couple more baskets. 3RC was cheering them on to finish.

3 RC Class Photo

Next Tuesday, January 16, will be our class photo day.

3RC Update and Pictures

This week our class has been doing some marketing research and production. We will be making snacks in the kitchen lab next week on Tuesday to sell to middle school students. All the money earned will go to the Nightingale Charity Club. Last Tuesday we went on a pricing field trip to find the most economical and best quality ingredients for our snacks. We’ll be making chocolate chip cookies, caramel popcorn, and fruit salad. The students also needed to make the packaging for the snacks and promotional posters to help advertise. 

Here are some picture from last week’s activities as well.

3RC Field Trip

Experiential Learning Activity Notification

Dear Parents,

Your child will be participating in an off-campus learning experience as part of their current unit of study.

Experience Details:

  • Date and time: Tuesday 5th December 2017, 1:15-2:30
  • Location of the Experience: Jenny’s Supermarket and local vegetable market to price check products for our upcoming snack stall.
  • Items that your child will need to bring for the trip: N/A

AQI Protocol for Outdoor Off-Campus Events:       

  • If the AQI reading at the location is 150 or below the experience will take place as scheduled.
  • If the reading is above 150, we will cancel the experience and attempt to reschedule for another day.

AQI Protocol for Indoor Off-Campus Events:  

  • If the AQI reading at the location is 150 or below the experience will take place as scheduled.
  • If the reading is between 150 and 175 the ES principal team will consider factors including: weather and AQI forecast, distance traveled, planned activities and the location of the experience, to determine if the experience will take place.
  • If the reading is above 175, we will cancel the experience and attempt to reschedule for another day.

Initial decisions about how to proceed will be based on the 7:00 am closest AQI station reading. Please note the 7:00 am reading is generally updated at 7:15 am.

For this experience, we will utilize the AQI reading from the following station:

Parents can monitor this station’s AQI reading and make a choice based on the AQI reading.  ISB will not contact parents in regards to the AQI reading.










日期,时间(离校/返校):2017年12月5日 ,星期二下午 1:15-2:30


















3RC Events This Week

Dear Parents,

We have three events happening this week that I would like to let you know about.

First up is the Color Ball Challenge happening in PE this Wednesday at 8:25am. The students will need to wear their house color shirt that day. Color ball is a team game that uses throwing and catching skills as well as cooperation.

Our class will be going to the book fair this Thursday. Many books will be for sale in the upper gallery by the large theater. You are welcome to meet us there if you would like to help your child select books. Children can also bring money on their own. Or they may just browse and not buy anything. We will go from 9:25 – 10:00.

Finally, this Saturday there will be a charity fair. Here is a note from the Nightingale Charity Club:
“Nightingale Charity Club invites you and your child to join us on Saturday, December 2nd, from 9am-1pm, in the ES cafeteria for our annual Winter Fair! There will be fun games, art projects, live music, warm food, and exciting prizes. Game tickets are 5 RMB each or 25 RMB for six.  All proceeds will go towards providing financial assistance to local Chinese children who are in need of urgent or long-term medical care. We hope to see you and your little one on December 2nd!”

Thank you!

3RC’s Week

This week has been busy.

We started with having the students writing speeches to convince me that we should be allowed to have a free choice time. They had to state their claim, give a reason, and support that with an example. I was no push-over. After many revisions during the week, enough of the class had convincing arguments to persuade me.

We jumped into some market research and goods production for our economics unit. Our class helped to provide snacks for the weekly teacher gathering called Chatterbox held each Friday. We used our learning from speech writing to convince each other of what our menu items we should make (which turned out to be chocolate chip cookies, caramel popcorn, and fruit salad). One valuable lesson from this was that when you put forward an idea, it is now a shared idea and not  just your own. We also decided on a cafe name and logo in similar fashion.

We got into the kitchen and baked cookies, popped (and burned) popcorn, and chopped fruit. The teachers loved the food we provided and gave back good advice on improvements we could make to have our products better. The best part perhaps, was getting to eat some of the leftovers during the earned free choice time at the end of Friday


We also had an early birthday celebration for Junah.