Good Evening,

This Thursday, pending AQI, Kindergarten will be heading to the Botanical Gardens for a day full of fun and exploration of all things plant! We would like everyone to have a comfortable day so please ensure your child has:

*a small backpack (students will be in charge of their own belongings)

*home lunch if preferred (school lunch will be handed out to students first thing in the morning)

*healthy snack

*water bottle


*sunscreen applied before your child comes to school

*Optional 5RMB for an ice pop treat after lunch (please show your child where the money is located in their backpack, no additional money is necessary)

We are really looking forward to this field trip.  Have a wonderful evening!

Kindergarten Team

Good Afternoon!

March came and went in a blink of an eye! It was a crazy busy month for us in KRK and me personally! The highlight of the month (besides all the fun in learning) was getting to celebrate my birthday with my 20 best friends in KRK. We made cupcakes from scratch, baked, and decorated them! It was a great way to celebrate my “25th.” HA!

Displayed on the board outside of the room are the students’ published opinion pieces about their favorite season. Students learned how to write their opinion, not just by saying “I like______.” They were asked to state 2 reasons why they liked something or why it was their “favorite.” They also learned how to give their reader more information by sharing a short story about how their favorite thing reminds them of a time when__________. They also needed a closing. Most students ended their pieces with, “I LOVE _____.” When talking with your child and you ask their opinion about something, always try and get more information out of them by asking questions like, Why?  How does that make you feel? Does it remind you of something? Encourage more dialogue with your child as it helps with their listening and speaking skills.

Last week we started our new informational writing unit, All About. This is a great one as students will be learning all different ways to access information on a subject that they are an “expert.” We have so many experts on many different things, mostly animals. KRK loves animals! The next few weeks will be spent taking the information about their topic “out of their head” and organizing all the different facts onto a bubble map/web map. From there they will take those facts and turn them into sentences orally and finally write those sentences on paper to create an all about book. Last Friday I asked them to think about their topic over the weekend, maybe you can ask them tonight about what they will be writing about. Eventually, students will be using mentor text and the internet to research facts about other topics they know all about. This is such a fun unit and kids love it!

Also on the board outside are beautiful flowers. Students were learning about all the ways to make different numbers. They chose a number and then wrote all the different ways to make that number on paper first. They chose the colors and cut out all of the petals. I helped them glue the petals onto the center of the flower and then students wrote all the number solutions on each flower petal. It was a fun project and looks really cute too! This week we start our new unit, exploring the number 11-20 and all the ways to make those numbers, but really focusing on tens and ones. 16 is 1 group of 10 and 6 ones. There’s a fun rap song we will sing and many different engaging activities. Stay tuned for some SeeSaw posts!

We started our Growth of Living Things unit this week as well! (We are so busy!) We started by brainstorming what a living thing actually is and wrote down what we thought. Students always come up with really unique explanations for different questions posed, and many times, they will say something I hadn’t thought of yet. They learned a song, here is the link: Youtube Hopefully you have heard this song once or twice at home by now. I apologize if you never want to hear it again by the end of the next few weeks. We are obsessed and we even sing it when we are walking in line, cleaning up, and eating snack. Someone starts the first few words and EVERYONE goes! HEHEHE! We also talked about what exactly living things need to survive and grow. We looked at animals, plants, and even ourselves! Students got to see pictures of me as a baby, toddler, and young child their age and discussed how it was possible for me to grow as well as themselves. We did some fun little activities in class and there is a lot more fun planned in the coming weeks!

Lastly, in phonics we have been learning about the digraphs sh, ch, wh, th, and ck. When students are reading, and come to a word with a digraph, they should be able to say the digraph and not sound out each letter. The plan for the rest of the school year is to introduce blends, long vowels, and end with a recap of short vowels once again. Grade 1 teachers say that students come into grade 1 without or having forgotten their short vowels. This could be something to work on over the summer, especially with short e and short i. Blends are kind of like digraphs. We will start with the “S” and “B” blends like, st, sl, sn, and bl, br etc. Like I said, these will be introduced, not mastered, as students will learn them in depth next year.

How to help your child Please read with your child every night before bed. Let them get on Raz kids for 20 minutes, but have your child READ the book, no listening anymore. I have fine tuned appropriate reading levels so they should have a good range of books that they can read independently. No quizzes either. I believe I have turned off that function. Also, for digraphs, dictate some simple words with digraphs and have your child spell them with a pencil to paper, or even more fun, put some of dad’s shaving cream, or whip cream on the table and let them make their own white board they can use their finger to spell the words. (They’ll know what to do!) They will LOVE this and be so eager to spell for you. Words like, chip, ship. chap, that, whip, chick, lack, wish….etc Have fun with this and remember it’s not homework, just a suggestion.

That’s what is happening in KRK at the moment. I really cherish these days with your kids because they are going by so fast and before we know it, we will be saying good bye for the summer! They have ALL grown tremendously both academically and socially this year which is one of the reasons why I love kindergarten! It’s the best grade!

Have a wonderful rest of your Sunday!

Ms. K.


March 25, 2018

Spirit Week is upon us! Here is what’s in store:

Wednesday is Neon Day: Dress up in your brightest neon colors

Thursday is Classroom Theme Day! KRK has voted to dress as Heroes and Princesses. Please have your child come to school in a hero or princess costume. There is a competition within the Elementary School. The class with the most participants, wins! (We will also be celebrating my birthday by decorating cupcakes!!) A fun day to be had by all!!

Friday is House Color Day. Students will wear their house t-shirt, but if you would like to dress your child in their house color from head to toe, that would be great too!!

So much fun to look forward to this week!


Good Afternoon! This week is going to be very exciting. Here is what’s happening on Monday and Tuesday in KRK with a recap of the past few weeks. (A blog on Spirit Week will follow)

As you know, Student-Led Conferences are tomorrow and Tuesday. Please allow for 1.5 hours to spend with your child. When you arrive, you will take a welcome sheet that will explain the activities for your session. You will spend 45 minutes in our classroom. During that 45 minutes there will be 3 different stations to visit and a 10-15 minute sit down with me to help you and your child talk about their SeeSaw Portfolio. Here are the stations and a little recap of what we have been doing the past few weeks

Literacy station: You will have a chance to listen to your child read to you from their “book shelf”. In this book shelf students keep the leveled books that we read and learn from during reading groups each day. Also in this station you will be able to play a literacy game with your child. These games are what we put out during literacy centers to help with phonics and phonemic awareness. Workshop folders will be out for you to peruse with your child. We have been writing Opinion pieces for this unit. Students stated their opinion about a topic and gave 2 reasons why. They also added a small story that reminds them of a time when… (in relation to the topic), in addition to how they felt, and finally adding a closing. You will see their published Opinion piece on the board outside of the classroom, along with their math number bond flower. Their other published pieces will be in a folder for you to look at to see their INCREDIBLE growth this year!

Math Station: We have been learning about all of the different ways to compose and decompose numbers 1-10 using different strategies. For example the number 5, the different ways to show this number are 0-5, 1-4, 2-3, 3-2, 4-1, and 5-0 Students are learning to show this in multiple ways such as using a 10 frame, number bonds, writing number sentences, as well as using these for number families. It seems like a lot to understand, but you will be amazed at what your child can do! On the table will be tools and manipulatives to help your child show you how to solve the problems that will be displayed. Pleas help your child read the questions.

Portfolio Station- This will be a sit down with me at a table and looking through your child’s SeeSaw portfolio.

Classroom Tour- Attached to the welcome letter you will find a Classroom Tour check off sheet. Your child will take you around the room to the different spots in our classroom to show you what a day in KRK might look like. Be prepared to be a student and sit “criss cross applesauce” on the carpet while your child is the teacher and shows you our calendar routine! When you are done with the tour in our room and our 45 minute time period has finished, you will have a chance to visit your child’s specialist teachers and those classrooms. These places are included on the classroom tour check off sheet.

I hope you have a wonderful time! Please remember that your child is in the lead. Ask them questions about everything. Please refer to the Kindergarten Blog for some questions you can ask your child as you go along.

Please note that KRK will be a NO PHONE ZONE! Please be present with your child during this time. Mandy will be taking lots of pictures and I will post them outside of the class for you to see!

I am looking forward to celebrating your child’s growth in learning with you!

Ms. K

Student Lead Conferences

March 14, 2018

Good Afternoon!

We are getting ready and so excited for Student Lead Conferences on Monday March 26th and Tuesday March 27th. Pease sign up as soon as possible to guarantee a time that works best for your family! We are looking forward to showing you all about our day and the progress we have made over the year!


Ms K.


February 6, 2018

Good Evening!

Once again I blinked and time has gotten away! We have had the most amazing few weeks together in our literacy journey! I am so excited to tell you about our new guided reading groups and literacy block!

We started reading groups! Right??!! WE ARE READERS, can you believe it!? Every day after lunch students break out into guided reading groups. Each group is based on individual student need. I have chosen books that are appropriate for students’ different needs. With the help from Ms. Mandy and our Learning Support teacher, we each take a group somewhere in the room or outside on the red carpet to read the group book! Each guided reading session starts with a “book walk” where together we look at the title and turn each page looking at the pictures,  trying to predict what the book is going to be about. After that, if there are some words in the book students have not learned, I talk about the words with the students using a mini white board to show them. Next, students all read the book together making sure they point to each word with their finger as they read. This promotes touching, looking at, and actually saying each word. (one to one correspondence) As students read we talk about what is happening in the story on each page and if their predictions were correct. If  students come to a word they don’t know, they are taught to look at the picture for a clue (this is a big strategy we focus on in Kindergarten). Each student then gets a chance to read one page at a time as everyone follows along. When they are done reading and discussing the book, students then get their “Book Shelf” and go to their table to read their books to themselves and eventually with a partner. Ask your child, “When Ms. Kazebee asks you to go get your book shelf and start reading, what does that mean?” You will notice that your child has come home with 2 books for the last week and a half. One of those is a book from their book shelf (one of the Guided Reading Group books) I hope you are enjoying reading with your child as much as I am !!

Our reading doesn’t end there! We have been learning how to rhyme. Rhyming is something that is traditionally difficult for second language learners to acquire quickly. If your child struggles to rhyme, don’t fret, it will come. Keep practicing at home.

This week I have formally introduced syllables as part of our Phonemic Awareness plan. Since August, I have been informally been teaching students about syllables because it helps them in their writing. When spelling out multisyllabic words, I ask students to “clap” out the word and then spell each clap. For example: hotel  We clap ho tel (2 claps) “Ok what do you hear in the the first clap “h-o,” now what do you her the next clap “t-e-l.” I’m trying to get them in the habit of doing just this, and many are spelling multisyllabic words this way in their writing.

Reading is just one component of our daily lives in Kindergarten! In the last few weeks your child realized they can READ! How cool is that!? Please continue having your child read to you and you read to them every night. This fosters reading fluency and confidence!

Have a wonderful night and enjoy the journey of literacy!

Ms. K

What’s Happening in KRK?

January 15, 2018

ANNOUNCEMENT: Class picture day is this Thursday, January 18th at 9:20am. If you would like to purchase pictures, please send money by Thursday. A sheet with instructions was sent home last Friday. Thank you!

Good Afternoon!

Last week was a whirlwind as we settled back into our routines at school. On Monday we met Maggie and Rachel who are new friends that joined our classroom community. We are so lucky to have new friends!

Last week we started our new writing unit which I wrote about on the Kindergarten blog before school started. Thank you for bringing in pictures of fun activities that your child did over the holiday. It has been great to see and hear all of their stories.

In math we started the next exciting step for Kindergarteners-addition and subtraction to 10! Students will not be memorizing addition and subtraction facts. They will be diving into numbers and manipulating them to create addition and subtraction stories and problems using number sentences, number bonds, pictures, a ten frame, and lots of manipulatives in the classroom. They will also be using their words to justify their reasoning. The number 5 is not just the number 5. It can be shown in many different ways. In this unit we will explore all of those ways. Be on the look out on your child’s Seesaw where their learning will be displayed.

Last week in Social Studies we started our new unit called; Goods and Services. Students will be learning about the people who help us in our community, why services and service providers are an important part of our community, why we need goods and services, and what process goods go through before we buy them.

This week we have great learning experiences in store! Tomorrow, January 15, a Doctor from one of the local international hospitals is coming to ISB to teach us about services she provides to her patients and what it is like to be a doctor. On Wednesday we are going to Jenny Wang shop to see the different goods and services that Jenny Wang shop provides. We might even grab some goods to make something delicious back at school! On Friday, just like the doctor, we are having a Veterinarian come to ISB to talk about his job. We are so excited and can’t wait!!

Have a wonderful week!

Ms. K



Good Afternoon!

In the season of giving we are learning that when we give to others we don’t need or expect something in return. We give because we want to give and it also makes us feel good. This is a concept that children this age can find difficult.

Tomorrow, Tuesday December 12, we will be treating our buddies from 5KH to hot chocolate and a movie all in our pajamas! KRK will be making and giving hot chocolate to their buddy and then all the kids will watch a short movie together to culminate the end of a fun semester working with 5KH.

Please have your child come to school in their pajamas. They will be watching the movie first thing in the morning, so they will be able to change into regular clothing if you would like to pack some extra clothes.

Kids are looking forward to showing their appreciation to their buddy with hot chocolate!

Have a great day!

Ms. K

Fun in KRK

November 29, 2017

Good Afternoon Parents,

The weeks continue to fly by and we continue to have the most fun in KRK. Here is what we have been up to.

In writing we are working on writing How-To books. Students are teaching the reader how to do something that they know all about. We already have books about how to take care of a hamster, how to grow a flower, how to carve a pumpkin, how to make cookies, and many more. In this unit students are learning how to think of a topic they know all about, tell it to a partner in steps (like First, Then, Next, Last), draw a picture for teach each step, and label the parts of each picture. Students then write the words to each step trying to be as detailed as possible so their reader can follow their directions. Pictures in this unit are diagrams. Students are labeling the steps on each page in a diagram. When we write narrative stories, our pictures are beautiful and we say, “WOW!” With How-To books, our pictures are now diagrams that teach our reader how to do what is written on each page. I am so impressed with the writing that is going on and I am even more happy that students are ASKING when it’s time for workshop because they LOVE to write! Woohoo!

In reading we continue learning strategies to help us when we read. Students are blending and segmenting words with more ease, and they love picking up a book to sit down and enjoy. Recently we have been introduced to a new App called Epic. It is amazing and the students have really taken a liking to wanting to grab more and more books to read. This app has thousands of books on pretty much any topic. I promised students that I would tell you about the app and the class code so they can read at home with you or independently. Here is how it works:

  1. Search “Epic for Educators” in the app store of your iPad Have your child help you spot the icon.
  2. Once downloaded you will need the classroom code to sign into the account.

  Type in VVW-4773 for our class code

  1. This will take you to the class. Your child clicks onto their name and then you are good to go. I hope you enjoy reading with your child using this app. The books that are available are amazing!

In math we continue with Measurement. We have learned how to measure Length, Height, Weight, Capacity, and Area. Students have added multiple learning activities to their SeeSaw for you to look at. They love to share with you what they are learning at school. Please talk to them about what they post for math. Vocabulary words we have used thus far are:

Tall, taller, tallest

Long, longer, longest

Short, shorter, shortest

Heavy, heavier

Light, lighter




Not enough

In science we have been learning about Forces, specifically Push and Pull. Students have engaged in a myriad of fun activities using push and pull. They have also explored and created ramps using blocks and marble runs. Most recently students made catapults and were launching unifix cubes and little buttons across the room! It was the best mess we have ever made. They also made 2 pieces of art. One was blowing paint on paper through a straw to show the force of your breath pushing paint and the other was moving a marble through paint on paper as well. We had stations set up and students moved around marbling, blowing through a straw, and launching objects across the room. To top it off, we started making our own marble maze game. We cut craft sticks and glued them into a box to create a maze for a marble to go through, but the person holding the maze has to be careful because we made marble traps! We are having such a blast with this unit!

Our Kindergarten Winter Party is coming up in just over 2 weeks. Stay tuned for more information from our room mom on Wechat and myself in the blog. Have a wonderful rest of the week!

Ms. Kazebee

Dear parents,


Our Baby Dragon swim season will begin on November 29th.  Baby Dragon is a complimentary swim program provided by ISB.  For the swimmers whose age is 5 to 7 years,  and who can swim and are ready to advance their techniques.


On November 29th, from 2:30pm – 3:30pm, there will be Baby Dragon try out for any new swimmers who want to join the program.  For those who are already in the Baby Dragon program, they are automatically included for this year’s program.  On November 29th, existing Baby Dragons, please come and start training.


For any new swimmers, please fill in the registration form and drop off at the Swim Pool Mail Box before November 28th


The Baby Dragon Training Time is every Wednesday from 2:30 – 3:30.  Bring your own swim suit, cap and goggles.


Thank you so much in advance!