Cultural Revolution Journal: Life as a Student

The period of the Cultural Revolution lasted from 1966 to 1977, China’s leader, Mao ZeDong, began the Revolution so he could gain his power back. During the Cultural Revolution, Mao told people to destroy the four olds and stopped school running in order to form the new China. Wang Wu was a high school student but then decided to join the Red Guards at the age of 15.

The Cultural Revolution effected China tremendously. Firstly, Mao destroying the Four olds stopped a great chance of developing the country, Mao wanted to change everything so he set the order to destroy the four olds and anything that was western. Another decision Mao made a mistake on was stopping schools from running and making students become a red guard. Citizens could have been very smart if Mao didn’t stop school from running, after schools were opened again after the revolution, most citizens didn’t have the money to afford school so most of the population was uneduacted. Then of course Mao has done positive things, the most positive long term effect of Mao was that women had more rights and gained more power. In May 1950, Mao created the new marriage law which made men and women more equal. These 4 topics were the most important long term effect that Mao had on China.

There are things that changed and still remained the same in the Cultural Revolution. The economy grew rapidly because there were more productions made. More things were opened for China and which made people look forward to the new things outside of China. Life quality became better for people. However the western influences including webpages, videos right now are still banned from China. The Chinese government still doesn’t let China have the ability to access the western influences because they are afraid China will turn into a democratic country.

Even though the Cultural Revolution had already ended in 1976, there are still places today around the world that are very similar to the Cultural Revolution period. Socialist Republic of Vietnam is very similar to the Chinese Cultural Revolution. One year ago, there were violence activities happened in Vietnam. The violence activities were very similar to what the Red Guards had done. Both places decided to use violence to solve their problems.


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