Sacrifice Yourself or Betray Your Friend?

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Do all the people around you look pretty or handsome? In the book, Uglies, everyone at the age of sixteen are forced to have plastic surgery. Above is a cover page I made to show the conflict for the main character, Tally. The conflict of the book is person vs. self because she is forced to either sacrifice herself or betray her friend. Through out the exposition of the book, she meets a girl named Shay who later becomes her friend and she wanted to rebel against the system. Westerfeld writes, “…I don’t want to be ugly all my life. I want those perfect eyes and lips, and for everyone to look at me and gasp. And everyone who sees me think Who’s that? and want to get to know me, and listen to what I say” (90). Tally refused to follow Shay and run away to Smoke(unknown city) because Tally really wanted to become pretty like her friends who were older. Westerfeld writes, “Until you do help us, to the very best of your ability, you will never be pretty” (107). Dr. Cable knew Shay must have told Tally where she went, so she was forced to go help find her or else she will never be pretty. Tally has to either sacrifice herself by never becoming pretty or betraying Shay and Shay’s friends.


Here is where I found the background image for the cover page.

3 thoughts on “Sacrifice Yourself or Betray Your Friend?

  1. Ben, I really enjoyed your blog post because it is very easy to relate to. I really think that I can relate to Tally because I, and many other people, will want things they can’t have until they are older. From my understanding, Tally isn’t allowed to be pretty until she is older which can also relate to, “you can’t buy that until you’re older”, and “you can’t go there until you’re older”, which I am told constantly by my parents. In your post you wrote “…she meets a girl named Shay who later becomes her friend and she wanted to rebel against the system” (beginning of paragraph). In many modern books this has happened, for example The Giver. Jonah was chosen to be the receiver, he became friends with the Giver and they decide to rebel against society and Jonah runs away from his town. I do have one question for you, how do you think Tally could have changed so that she could get what she wanted but not have to run away?

  2. Hello Ben, I think your blog post is very detailed and it is very easy for me to understand. I think your book cover looks very authentic as well, since it is simple and nice looking. All around the world, people are getting more and more interested in plastic surgery. Mostly celebrities since they want to look beautiful. Take Michael Jackson as an example, he used the plastic surgery to make him more white or in other words better looking. Many people in the world are willing to pay thousands of dollars for some plastic on your face that molds it into the shape required. This new trend of plastic surgery has been with us for a very long time and is still spreading along the globe. There are clinics opening daily all around the world for this surgery and they make a lot of money from it. I have a question for you on this topic, why would you want to use this surgery as most of the times it has negative effects as well? If you wouldn’t then why, except for the fact that it has side-effects?

  3. The cover above can’t be any more professional. I bet you can publish a book with that cover. Your cover clearly demonstrates an understanding of an internal conflict as there is this boy sitting in the corner looking dejected.

    I completely agree with the book about people’s obsession in beauty. I can’t think of one person in my head that doesn’t care about their appearance… well maybe with some exceptions. Did you see how many people had make up on in the formal? That pretty much explains it.

    I can definitely relate this book to my family member, who had plastic surgery. Recalling her name is very difficult, but I do know for a fact she is my aunt’s sister. Everyday, she was in complaint with her appearance. Whenever she looked into a mirror, I could hear screams and cries of dissatisfaction. To be honest, she didn’t look that ugly. I mean, she looked fine. Despite our assurance that her look wasn’t that bad, she never seemed content. Therefore, after a while, she made a decision to go for plastic surgery. Most of the family disagreed with the idea considering the risk of plastic surgery. However, her stubborn mind did not waver. She really should have listened. Her plastic surgery ended up as a failure and she looks way worse than the past. She only wishes for a time machine now.

    Ben, what do you think about people’s obsession in appearance. Why?

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