Burrow Owls In Danger


In the book “Hoot” by Carl Hiaasen, the climax was at the very end of the book when the 3 friends, Roy, Beatrice and Mullet Fingers saved the burrow owls. The main plot is that a company named Mother Paula wants to build a pancake house on a site filled with burrowing owls that can’t fend themselves. Roy, Beatrice, and her brother Mullet Fingers try to stop them from building a pancake house by vandalizing the property. When people were gathered for to build the pancake house or not, Roy stand up and tells the people that we can’t vandalize this property. There was this guy called Chuck Muckle that didn’t believed Roy and tried to vandalize this place. “Young fellow, you’d better get your facts straight before making suck outrageous and slanderous charges. There are no owls here, not one! Those old burrows have been abandoned for years.”(264hiaasen) Roy explains to everyone that the burrow owls were living here and they are about too extinct. “Wherever you see one of those holes, there’s an owl den underneath. It’s where they build their nests and lay their eggs. It’s their home.”(263) At last Roy and his friends saves the burrow owl and Chuck Muckle was arrested.

For this post I used the Gif Creator to show the Climax. The pictures are representing what was going on the rising action and the climax. First Roy meets Beatrice and they talk about her brother Mullet Fingers. Beatrice tells Roy that the burrow owls are about too become extinct. Roy quickly meets Mullet Fingers and they make a plan to save the burrow owls. At last they proof that burrow owls lives here and saves them.










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