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An Interpretation of AMSND: College Affair


In producing the remake of A Mid Summer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare my group and I equally split up the work. I contributed by writing the character description, planning out, analyzed the costumes that each character was going to wear and picked out the music to go with the videos. I also edited and put together the final video as well as the Director’s notebook. Finally, I helped with some of the videography along with the lightings we used. For the acting part, I played Derek and Ryan, the two lead male roles who were caught in the love triangle that this storyline presents.

The theme of our short film is even though love is a common human feeling, romantic emotions often end up with complications due to miscommunication, insecurity, jealousy, and unrequited love from others. My first character, Derek finds himself in a struggle to get his girlfriend, Ava to “step up” their relationship and move forward to another level of intimacy due to being together for a long time. Although, Ava responds with wanting to take things slow since she deems herself unprepared to move forward. The next day they both go to a college party where Spencer tries to open Derek up about what’s troubling him. Then to separate Derek and Ava for her own benefit, Spencer starts a rumor that Ava went forward with Ryan instead of Derek. As soon as Derek overhears this he is instantly infuriated and goes looking for Kelsey to make a move on her. Although, Kelsey is already passionately in love with Ryan. Ryan, who is fed up with being constantly stalked and followed by Kelsey tries to get rid of her leaving Kelsey alone and depressed. Derek then goes and tries to talk to Kelsey but then as soon as he starts to start a not so friendly conversation with Kelsey she runs away leaving Derek further depressed about himself. Derek’s romantic complications provide the audience with a relatable situation that can happen in a relationship.

COLLEGE AFFAIRS Directors Notebook

Please copy and paste this link to watch our final production:

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S.Roger That!

For my CREATE project this semester I decided to do something that I am extremely interested in while changing it up a little bit. I combined my love of rhymes and poetry to write a rap. This rap talks about essentially what the Hero’s journey is that writers follow. I then took the example of Captain America’s journey as a Hero. But instead of talking about the Hero’s journey that we have explored in class, I decided to explore situational archetypes that happen during the hero’s journey. For example one of the situational archetypes I mention is the Initiation; “He is then put into the journey,

“He is then put into the journey,

Which leads him to the attorney of ease,

Who says that ease gon be takin a break for as long as ease may please.

Writers call this initiation.” (Lines 46-49).

Here I am saying that as soon as the Hero has taken up the challenge and has overcome his lifelong worry or internal problem, new problems are going to follow. Initiation is how the hero handles the new problems with his/her new strengths. “ease gon be takin a break” (48) here I am saying that hardships are going to begin. And that is the format I have use to help the listener or reader follow through with these archetypes. The fact that I also used Captain America also helps the audience connect with the piece.


S.Roger That!

Melis Guven


I’m about to tell you bout a story that includes

The altitude

Of what writers soak up like food.

You see this simple dotted line,

This path that underlines

The story that a hero climbs,

Before and after he is at his prime.


You see there is always that one guy,

Who tries to fix something in his life that he can’t defy.

Something colossal in his heart,

But the most meaningful at the start.

Now the hero’s journey,

Is something baloney.

Yet every writer to ever have written a good story,

Has followed its manner,

Like it’s a banner to success.


And it is.

If you follow, these, steps.


Lets take Captain America,


He started off as a skinny man,

Who had a plan,

To be the strongest and bravest caesarean.

He kept trying till it almost killed him,

Then he got rejected from the army,

That was real grim.


Later on Dr. Erskine comes in,

With a potion,

One that could get Cap a promotion

To move his dreams into motion.

Hold up,

did we miss a beat?

Dr. Erskine,

Defined Cap’s life.

Brought him into a whole new world of challenge,

But helped him unhinge his true self.

That we call the mentor,

Some what an administrator,

Someone who helps you open the door.

But lets you jump through the hoop.

You see the mentor is the man to move you from the quest to the task,

Both hard if you’d ask.

When Caps sent to war,

To save his country and be an exemplar,

For those still yet to fight.

He is then put into the journey,

Which leads him to the attorney of ease,

Who says that ease gon be takin a break for as long as ease may please.

Writers call this initiation.

Where there become more complications.


After that,

Cap becomes Captain

And helps maintain the army to obtain their victory.

That defines his heroic take,

Towards the Ritual that he’s gotta make.

Turning from soldier to commander.

From innocent to an asset,

That’s the fall and the rebirth,

Of the physical and mental hero himself.

The one who is sent to bring back his country’s mirth.


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Rebel or Keen Vixen?

If Hermia were me then she would indeed mirror me. Hermia, a stubborn but bold character from A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare is portrayed as the rebellious daughter to Egeus. Wanting to run away with her one true love, Lysander, and doing so. Although she is to be married to Demetrius, by the words of her father. As the story progresses she is caught in a love square with one side missing. With Helena, her best friend, Lysander, the one who has stolen her heart and Demetrius, whom loves Hermia, who is loved by Helena, but he Demetrius does not. And while eloping with Lysander, Lysander and Demetrius are caught in a love spell that consequently makes them fall in love with Helena. In order of this situation, Hermia is then looked upon by the cruel one, the one who planned this all out to make fun of Helena.

HERMIA Hermia’s Pout

Hermia is a short female woman. Just the same as I. For awhile I was a student with an average height, one year I was even deemed tall. Although nowadays it seems to me that I am becoming of the word short. It seems to suit me more and more. Some could even use it against me! This is very much like Hermia’s case. She was called out to be short by her best friend since childhood, Helena ; “Because she is something lower than myself…” (Pg.87 Line.303 Shakespeare). Then said herself, “…I am so dwarfish and low…”(Pg.87 Line.295). So Hermia’s appearance can be defined as a short, dwarfish if you will, female woman. I am also a low to the ground, female woman. Therefore, in looks Hermia and I have all the similarities.

Hermia’s personality is not indifferent from mine. When given the chance to say what is on her mind so that everything goes her way, she jumps at the opportunity and grabs it while she can being the bold and stubborn woman she is. For example, when her father, Egeus tells her that she cannot marry Lysander but must marry Demetrius or else live as a nun and be sent away for the rest of her life. She, not wanting any part of her father’s ideals strikes back immediately; “(Father) Demetrius is a worthy Gentleman. (Hermia) So is Lysander”(Pg.7 Line: 53). Hermia tackles this whole new idea as soon as it comes out. I can very well say that I would do the same thing, given the same situation. I have been known as a debater from my peers, my friends, and my family all my life. Knowing my facts and being able to combat whatever came my way and win. And in a case like this, not being able to win, I would indeed have rebelliously run away with the love of my life rather than be unhappy for eternity or live in a nunnery.

Over the years (not that many for me so far but still, over the years,) I have been known to be very strong minded and hearted about what I do and what I say, for my opinions matter very much to me. Sometimes I am even the slightest bit quick to judge. Here Hermia speaks out to Helena, quickly accusing her of stealing her love in the middle of the night; “…You juggler! You canker-blossom! You thief of love! What, have you come by night and stol’n my love’s heart from him?” (Pg.87 Line.290). Hermia is much like me in this way, quickly using logic and standing by it, furthermore deeming her correctness. After Hermia offends Helena, Helena responds, “oh, when she is angry, she is keen and shrewd! She was a vixen when she went to school. And though she be but little, she is fierce” (Pg.89 Lines.324-5). Here Helena is saying that when Hermia gets angry she is quick in judgement and is passionate in her thoughts. She also, being her lifelong friend, knows Hermia to be little, and fierce. This quite rightly illustrates my personality and can be what others often see of me. I am a passionate speaker when I get he chance to prove my opinion and are truly strong about that specific thought.

Therefore, Hermia and I are alike in personality and appearance.

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Death’s Say

While I was writing this persuasive speech I was writing with the thoughts of how Death has a little bit of an accusing as well as well as a compassionate voice while talking about how humans need to learn to express the compassion that they hold while rejecting the hate. In every paragraph point, I have always said something different that I personally thought that had to do with my initial thoughts and at the end of the paragraph always connected back to my beginning statement. So that really used the persuasive values of repetition. Other than that at the very end, I say the line “But you must find a way to progress forward with compassion while spurning the detestation. Or else it will only get worse.”. I feel like the phrase “or else” already emphasizes the persuasiveness. All in all I have tried to convert Death’s message.

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Propaganda Poster- Anti Nazi Germany

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 10.38.03 PM

As our English 9 unit of studying archetypes progresses we have started to concentrate on propaganda techniques along with cinematic elements such as framing, lighting and color. Our main focus point was allies of Nazi Germany and who was against them. For my propaganda poster, I chose to represent the USA. Asking the people of the United States to step up and join the army to fight Hitler. Hitler being the one of the subdominant elements of the poster represents a still powerful image due to the black paint splattered background. At the time cigars were widely popular instead of cigarettes so I have placed a cigar in his mouth. Out of the cigar leaks a large cloud of smoke that is seeping its way into American, patriotic (due to the flags), houses. This smoke represents mystery and that mystery is their looming death. The houses are grey because they are the same color of the smoke, meaningless blocks of wood, and I have done this on purpose only to help the patriotic colors of the flags to come through as the strongest appeal. The background color is a dark, bloodshed red which emphasizes the archetype and propaganda technique of fear that is a strong way of conveying a message.

My text of “before it hits home” is a very common phrase in American dialect. “hitting home” refers to something not actually hitting your house but connecting and hurting a part of you that has a deep emotional connection. This is the house that the soldier’s families are living in. So I have ironized the meaning of “hitting home”. The reasoning of my use of blue, white, red and a star on the word “home” is because I am trying to convey the message that America is also their home, it is the bigger picture and they have to join the army to help their home. I have also put cracks inside of Hitler’s brain. Not to show that smoking destroys your way of thinking, but to show that his thinking is cracked and he isn’t thinking straight.

In this poster, I have utilized all three ways of propaganda, ethos, pathos and logos. Logos, telling the audience that Hitler is the obvious opponent that is smart to take down. So it is just logical to join the army. Furthermore, I have connected to their ethos, their ethics by using a strong, patriotically American phrase. It also connects to their emotional side, their pathos by showing that their home, their country is in deep danger so they have to protect the one place they love.

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No More Dead Dogs


Dogs nowadays are seen as the ‘man’s best friend’, yet, the world’s largest populated country and one of the most influential governments has done nothing to protect these dogs from slaughter. For my exhibition research project, I decided to do two videos about dog meat eating in China. The first video displayed everything I learned from my research that was done prior to creating both videos. The first video is presented in chronological order. The order I have designed it to go in was when dogs were first eaten, the peak of dog eating, the Yulin Dog Meat Eating Festival. Then finally, what the government has done in the past ten years, and if there is anything that is being done right now.

My second video is a continuum of my first video in research form. I go out to speak with a few locals and ask them a total of three questions; “Do you eat dog meat?”, “Have you heard of the Yulin Dog Meat Eating Festival?” and finally “Do you know if the government has done anything to protect dogs?”. This way I had some interaction with the natives that surrounded my community to get a better feel of how heavy this situation was. Yulin, Guangxi is 1271.81 miles away from Beijing. And with the results I got we can tell that likings travel quickly.

With this video I have extended my original exhibition research project by doing this video, taking everything I learned beyond the Internet and exhibiting real life research.

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Web of Life

My CREATE video above encompasses three different areas of the English 9 Core Standards. “making strategic use of digital media (e.g., textual, graphical, audio, vis ual, and interactive elements) in presentations to enhance understanding”(English 9 Core Standards). I also “determined a central idea of a text and analyze its development over the course of the text, including how it emerges and is shaped and refined by specific details; provide an objective summary of the text”(English 9 Core Standards). Lastly I incorporated one final standard of ” determining the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in a text, including figurative, connotative, and technical meanings; analyze the cumulative impact of specific word choices on meaning and tone (e.g., how the language of a court opinion differs from that of a newspaper)” (English 9 Core Standards).

I chose to make a video about how a tree, can be a metaphor for social media. I centered my idea around the fact that from far away something that looks so perfect and inviting is actually so artificial and broken when you are dragged in to take a closer look. I make my statement in this line, “from a distance this tree looks perfect, graceful in it’s own way. But take a close look, do you see the cracks?”. I wrote a poem about this tree and how every branch that comes out of the base is a whole new subject of artificial thoughts, and every other branch and twig that comes out of that is another idea or motif in social media. My main focus, was on self image, and the influences of media, ; “telling you how a dress doesn’t fit you like it would fit a model, connected from a twig that tells you muscle is the new skinny”. My use of media and poetic language help bring together the objective summary of the whole text itself. The reason why this poem is even more connected to our english learning is because it is a present day problem, all around the world. As we are, studying present day problems in class right now.


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Mrs. USA

interview final.m4a


“’I love red, red everything’” (1) Curley’s wife from “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck says. Curley’s wife from this awarding novel is seen as an impeccably important character when associating with the Great Depression of the 1930’s. Curley’s wife represented the American Dream, the fight for a future. That’s why my partner Rachel and I decided to pick her as out interviewee. Through Curley’s wife, Steinbeck comes with a point of how even though women were slowly gaining rights, such as receiving the right to vote, many people still treated women as property. Rachel and I decided to explore this idea by creating a transcript which we then turned into a recording. This recording was of an interview we scripted that we thought best emanated, Curley’s wife’s character and associated historical background from the Great Depression.

Throughout the interview we cover many façades of Curley’s wife’s personality. The first sign of characterization was shown in her first response which was “’I love red, red everything’” (1). Since red is a very sensuous color this already represents her dire need to flirt. As of the third response she shows her more feminist side; “’They think they’re all so damn smart!’” (3). Throughout the whole book and our transcript there is an awful lot of power being shown through many characters, but that was also one point we wanted to focus on for her so we asked the question “Would you say you had any power on the ranch?” (5). She answers with a strong comment starting with “’I may look like a prissy gal but that’ll never stop me from puttin’ one of those mutts into their place,’” (5). Just to give the listeners a discrete summation of her character we asked her to give us five words to describe herself. Those were “Purty…Strong…Fashionable…Flirtatious…Lonely”(9).

As I mentioned earlier Curley’s wife did represent the American Dream. This was the biggest revolutionary ray of hope for the Americans. The fact that they all still had some sort of hope or dream that kept them going was the only reason why they did survive and get through the Great Depression. All until the FDR came with his new deal. Curley’s wife represented this by her undying desire to become “’A movie star’”(7). We made sure she repeated something of the context for almost every single response to keep the motif and underlying theme of unceasingly ongoing hope. During that time the radio was a big deal and the only person who ever spoke on it would be Franklin Deleno Roosevelt and his fireside chats. Curley’s wife expressed this will in her seventh response, “’and I coulda even spoke in the radio!’”(7). The history behind Curley’s wife is deliberately shown in many found places. As Steinbeck cleverly incorporated this into the book.This we have tried to express through the passionate characteristics of her own self.

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Water Winds

Dorothea Lange captures a migrant family using a water pump to bring back to their shackled home. This photo depicts the true essence of If you take a look at the middle ground of the picture, you see the main action and the dominant element of a wheel barrel used for a water pump. This picture was most likely taken after FDR’s election due to the fact that water pumps only became popular and available after the new deal. This was because after the Mississippi River went bare. The whole area had a drought. This drought spread to all parts of America. A new iron pump was invented after the Dust Bowl which was a lot smaller than the pump used over the barrel in this photo. This can help us infer that this visual was taken during the Dust Bowl not after. Essentially this place shown is an exceptionally dry and humid looking area. With dead weeds surrounding the tough grounds there were no means of vegetation. Although, the leading lines capture two children, one young boy and girl, both still plump. This was vitally because the children were at the time known to go out and hunt their own meals; birds, measles, and rabbits. The history of the Great Depression was truly a desperate time when politics had failed to act for their people.

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 9.51.45 PM

1) In the background there seems to be a shackled old house made of wooden plans, near it an old looking tree with another house behind it. Probably where a poor migrant family lives in. It could also be a worker’s cabin.

2) There is a head of a young girl holding a bald baby doll surrounded by weeds and mulch. This provides the thought of seeing an unhealthy environment, not only for the child. She seems to be standing near a large metal can. The baby represents the symbolic idea of attachment. This girl seems to have lost everything but can still dearly hold on to that doll of hers. And whilst everyone else is starving, she has that one special item.

3) This point-of-view gives us a few rocks with a skirt and some worn out socks and shoes. All of these lay upon the subordinate element of the soil. Its dry, rough with one surface and is prominently easy to break up due to the tousled dirt off to the left with weeds growing around it.

4) This framing provides us a child’d tired, weak and bothered face while behind here there are two electricity poles, in addition to her mother who seems to be pumping from a water well.

5) Here it shows the backside of the mother with her tattered clothes proving they are the only ones she owns. But we can also take a look at what she is using for a well. A wheel barrel, and some steel on top, the only type of mechanics they could ever probably afford at all. This as well as the bucket they used to collect the water in seems to be rusty in places and in a bad condition. This truly shows how the Great Depression affected peoples lives.

6) The dominant element in this framing appears to be the one shoe in the sunlight and the barrel on-top of some rocks which probably help stabilize the water pump.

7) There is an electricity pole in the background that lays in front of a car, which at the time would be very expensive. It obviously seems to be driving down the road, paying to attention the the children struggling, it could also be their father or some relative going into town to buy food but I would highly doubt it. There seem to be only a scarce amount of trees, 5-6 at most in the area in general.

8) A plump boy stands, he does in fact look well fed just like his younger sister, this is probably because they are only at the young stages of their childhood and still have their baby fat. In front of him the focal point of that division, a flat topped trolley, in the olden days used for transportation, probably to move around the water.

9) Here you see the bottom of the plank trolley and the dead, infertile grounds. In a way this division has a very clear artistic unity due to the placement of the objects and the contrasts with the shadows.


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Ripples of Dreams- Based on “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck

found poem of mice and men


Please click this link, since if posted directly into blog the words on the piece of paper are not legible.

Thank-you for your cooperation and I hope you enjoyed the poem by Rachel and I.

This found poem demonstrates Lennie’s biggest characteristics throughout chapter 1 of “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck. The first line of the poem give the readers a physical description. That being in the first stanza,”huge, shape-less, like a terrier,” (1) Since Lennie is huge but is a care taker of animals, this line perfectly suits the mood Lennie gives off at first introduction of his physical context. The second stanza gives off a harsher diction of an extracted dialogue between George and Lennie, “‘Give it here! ‘Give you what George?’ dead mouse you crazy bastard, innocence, didn’t kill it. Good boy Lennie.'” (2) This shows another characters point of view on Lennie’s personal context. The third stanza displays his social context, on how he deeply wants rabbits in the future, again hinting towards his personality. “remember the rabbits, different color. Millions of ’em, thats fine”(3).