Criss Crossing Moments- Found Poem

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What do you want to be? This is a common question that is often asked; nevertheless, very difficult for adolescents to answer. In Criss Cross by Lynn Rae Perkins, the author portrays the natural process of several teenage protagonists going through change. The characters grow and develop through experience, friendship, and various opportunities. As the leading figures slowly come out of their shells, they acquire the understanding of which path they will take (in the resolution), “the one less traveled by”? or the path commonly traveled by? Finally, Perkins identifies with the main theme: Do not let others decide your future, be ambitious, everyone will end up in different places, and that is life, that is the process of growing.

Above is a found poem I have created that explains the theme of Criss Cross. I used Microsoft Powerpoint. The words I used in the poem were taken from pages 336 and 337 of the novel. The background image of the sunset was intended to show the endless opportunities and challenges you will face as you develop. The sun will always rise and fall in a cycle over and over, just like the cycle of life and growth.


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