The Rules of the Game

Being the youngest in the family is hard, since you are the one who has to try to draw your parent’s attention the most, because for your elders they can get your parents attention more easily. But since Waverly is the youngest she needed to be good at something or to prove herself to her family to get attention from her parents. Waverly needed to be creative and usually the younger siblings were more competitive. She had also learned a lot of things from her parents, just like holding her tongue back. ““Bite back your tongue,” scolded my mother when I cried loudly, yanking her hand toward the store that sold bags of salted plums.” (Pg. 1) After learning these things from her bigheaded mom, Waverly had learned the art of invisible strength to win arguments, earn other peoples respect, and also to win chess matches. I can connect to that because since I am an older sibling, life for me is hard, but then after reading online the things that the younger siblings have to deal with, I feel that I am living a better life than my little brother. But some of the things that come up are things that I don’t agree with. But that is not about my family or me, but about Waverly.


As the youngest in her family, Waverly has to be creative and find a way to prove her own self. By learning and playing the game of chess, and by learning the game of chess quickly, and also with perfection, but by doing that she had proven herself to be smart and talented in the game of chess. After winning against her brothers, she had played locally against some elderly people. She had learned new tricks to use during the game and by watching and observing. Another thing that she had done was weigh the different weights of each gift in Santa’s bag. She also had known from observing that not necessarily every big or small gift was good. “Having watched the older children opening their gifts, I already knew that the big gifts were not necessarily the nicest ones. One girl my age got a large coloring book of biblical characters, while a less greedy girl who selected a smaller box received a glass vial of lavender toilet water.” Pg. 3. Waverly had also won different chess tournaments throughout the country, and had made her mother and her family proud. Then at night she would look at her fake chessboard hanging on her wall and think of new tricks that she could use. With these points and examples it shows that Waverly is smart, and talented.


Waverly is also a curious, and obedient child. Since she had started to play chess, she quickly became addicted and wanted to learn more about how to defeat her opponents, she then had played against elderly people in the game of chess to learn new things and new moves. I added new secrets. Lau Po gave me the namesPg. 6. To show how she is obedient her mother had told her to bite back her tongue, so that she wouldn’t be disgraceful and disruptive. ““Bite back your tongue,” scolded my mother when I cried loudly, yanking her hand toward the store that sold bags of salted plums.” (Pg. 1) Another way of showing it is after playing a tournament her mother had told her not to lose as many pieces then last time. The next tournament she had lost less pieces then her previous times, 8 instead of 11. “Ma, it’s not how many pieces you lose,” I said. “Sometimes you need to lose pieces to get ahead.” Pg. 7. She had listened to her mother and had lost fewer pieces, which shows how obedient she is.


Overall I think that Waverly is a tough creative, smart, talented, obedient, and curious girl. Since she is the youngest in her family it is harder to get your parents attention, and you would need to be creative or different to get your parents attention. She is smart because she can come up with plays or tricks to use throughout the game, and also to learn the game of chess at a fast and astonishing rate. Waverly is talented, since she was addicted to it after playing it once, and she had also won many tournaments throughout the country. She is obedient because she will listen to her mother and obey her, but not only her but also her elders, and parents. Finally she is also a very curious girl, because she had wanted to learn more about the game, and like to observe and learn out of curiosity. I think that these points show that Waverly is a tough creative, talented, smart, obedient, and a very curious young girl with a lot of potential for chess.

ITS ALL BOUT ME!! “CALVIN” (thats me!!)

HI!!!!!! So the first thing is that I’m not Calvin Harris. I do like music but I’m not a big fan of Calvin Harris. I like like to listen to the music that make me feel whole and good as a person, or just learn a something and play it on my guitar once in a while. I love to play Basketball, and I swim. I love to watch the NBA, and my most favorite team would probably be the LA CLIPPERS!!! My most favorite Basketball player in the NBA would be Chris Paul, because he is an excellent point guard and is not considered very tall in the NBA. I enjoy all kinds of sports, and live to play with teams and get better as an individual, and a team player. After all those sports I get really hungry tho! My most favorable food is a CHIPOTLE BURRITO, but in China (where I live) they don’t have it so… Im pretty much dead here anyways… BUT AT LEAST I HAVE BASKETBALL!! The only things that I hate in this world is being bored and homework.

Well Thats My Life!