Magical Myths and Legends


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In the story The Alchemyst there are many myths and legends that all turn out to be true, all magical beings that are not entirely human, but they were born human. Some are immortal, others are gods. They all have powerful auras which enable them to perform astonishing feats. The main characters in the book are the twins Josh and Sophie. Three thesis statements that I found in the book are all about what the twins learn, or the feelings that they have towards other things.

There is always some truth in a legend or myth.

In every single place there are legends or myths, but in every myth or legend there is a grain of truth. Like for instance Nicholas Flamel is an legend, he was a famous alchemist. He could change stones into gems, etc. Scatty is a vampire, but she doesn’t suck blood, nor does she eat meat. She is also a warrior in many myths, and she would train great heroes. “Indeed they are,” Flamel said. “Wereboars.” (Pg. 107) The wereboars might sound like werewolves but they are not similar, although they are grouped in clans, and are very deadly. “The Goddess with Three Faces,” Scatty added bitterly. (Pg.110) The goddess with three faces is Hecate she is the god of magic, and age or time. She is a god from Greek mythology, which shows that there is always some truth in a myth or legend.


Don’t let jealousy or anger define who you are, let your own thoughts flow through you and be yourself.

Josh was jealous of Sophie’s new awakened powers, and was also angry at Nicholas since Nicholas knew that there was a risk of death, and still went on with the awakening. “What I can do is awaken your dormant powers, but the danger–the very danger–is that it will overload your senses.” (Pg. 228) Hekate has agreed to awaken the twins, but she has first warned them of the danger that it could possess. They agree at first, not knowing what could actually happen. “And Flamel knew this could happen?” Josh asked, feeling a great surge of anger in the pit of his stomach. (Pg. 238) The awakening was a very dangerous process, but the twins had agreed to it. But after Sophie had been awakened first she just lay there limp, she was in a coma. Flamel hadn’t told them everything, which lead to many other dangers that would come without them knowing. All he knew was that for the first time in their lives, they were different in ways he could not even begin to comprehend. (Pg. 239) After Sophie had been awakened Josh had felt alone, since he had not gotten to be awakened. For example later in the book, “You have to leave. What I teach is not for the ears of a humani.” Looking around the room, at Flamel and Scatty and finally at his twin sister, Josh had suddenly realized that he was the last pure human in the room. (Pg. 234) Josh was now alone, even his sister was not fully human anymore. He felt a surge of anger and left the room without even looking back. But over all he should push aside the negative thoughts and think posetively. Like how they had survived so far, or how cool it is to see magic in action. But if your jealous or angry at something, calm yourself down since, anger or jealousy doesn’t solve anything.


Last and finally my final thesis statement that I had used in the piktochart was that Family and friends would be the first people that would help you during a time of crisis.

For every single time a grenade is dropped on you, or you are the first one to cross the finish line. The people standing around you that are cheering for you are the people that care the most about you. “They’re going into the book shop,” she said into her earpiece. “Is Josh still working there?” Elle immediately asked. (Pg. 5) Sophie had been talking to her old friend every day. Still after a long time they communicate, but in this case Sophie has seen something very unusual and her friend was there to comfort her, and try to help her. “Josh,” Sophie called again, her voice high in desperation. “Josh. Where are you?” (Pg. 350) Josh’s twin sister Sophie had been in the shop with the Witch. Josh being a mortal without powers had to wait outside. Feeling depressed he left to the park. After Sophie gaining new powers, the whole group in the shop was attacked. She frantically ran out and called for her brother. Showing that family or your friends will be there when you need them, or when you need help.