The Magician (Nicholas Flamel Series) By Michael Scott

In the book the Magician by Michael Scott. The moral or lesson of the story is that you should not feel unappreciated or left out as you are always going to be more important in the future.

“I can distinguish the different locations of the sirens.” “You can tell them apart??” he asked. He found himself wondering, yet again, at the full extent of his sister’s senses.” (Pg 16.) Josh is Sophie’s brother, as they are twins. Until a few hours ago Josh has never felt so apart from his sister, because his sister has “unlocked” new powers that makes her more different from Josh since he hasn’t gotten any. Joshes feelings for this are sad, useless and alone. As everyone with him had magical abilities, and are all risking their lives for the world, even his sister.

His feeling change his perspectives and also his attitudes to other people or things, like the alchemist Nicholas Flamel. He used to respect the alchemist as a smart kind and generous man. But after a few days that man he had respected had put his and his sisters lives in danger. With also the feeling of being alone and by yourself.

But among the other problems there is a man called Niccolo Machiavelli, the head of the French Secret Service. Niccolo is one of the servants of the Dark Elders. They will stop at nothing to achieve one thing, to kill Nicholas Flamel, and also to retrieve the final pages of the Codex book. Niccolo was called by John Dee (another servant of the elders) to help him track down and kill Nicholas Flamel. But after failing the first time in the church Niccolo is furious. Using every resource he can to get what he wants, or needs. “I am making this a DGSE matter,” Machiavelli interrupted softly. “My powers come directly from the president. I will shut down this entire city if necessary. I want these people found. Tonight, a catastrophe was averted.” (Pg. 48.)

Both these men have felt different emotions throughout this story, but the one thing that they don’t know is that they are going to be the most important in the later future. Even I have felt left out for sports, as people don’t pass to me or show me what we are supposed to do. But later after that saddening event has passed I carry on and show that I am and can be more important in the future. That way you can leave the sad and unhappy parts out of your life and move on feeling more appreciated and respected.

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