Cause Course Consequence Russian Revolution

The cause of the Russian revolution was because of the lack of resources and industry. In the 1900’s the people’s rights in the country were unfair, and those who rebelled and had tried to defend the peoples rights were prosecuted. The Russian society at that time was divided in terms of working class on the bottom, capitalists next, then the army with its soldiers, after that there is the church, right on top of that is the royal family. 4 out of every 5 people in Russia were peasants, and about 1 percent of the people there were nobles, the nobles had owned about 25 percent of all the land in Russia. When peasants went to work they would sometimes work longer time periods, longer than the time that the law let it. But the peasants couldn’t quit or rebel since there were always more people that could replace you at any certain time. The peasants had a hard life since they had to provide for they’re families, and also pay back their landowner. At a time sometimes 3 to 4 people would stay in the same room, which made it harder on the peasants.


When Russia had tried to go to China and other places to get the resources they needed. Russia had built a railroad to go to the areas that they wanted to get the resources from. The peasants and the people in Russia all expected that things would get better once they had gotten the recourses that they needed. But another country had also had the same idea, that country or place was Japan. Japan wanted other resources other than rice, so they had also wanted to get more industry and resources. To fight over the resources the two countries fought each other and went to war. Russia would end up losing to Japan after it sunk both ships that Russia had sent. After Russia went back in defeat people rebelled since they were not getting the needed resources and food to live with, also many people had also died in the war against Japan. Father Gapon a priest went to factories and began to tell people to rebel, as they weren’t getting the food and payment they needed to support their families. As the army began to begin there voyage to another battle on a ship called the Potemkin, the soldiers take over the ship after they realize the food is not good and isn’t healthy for you. The soldiers join the rebellion as well after that event on Potemkin.


The consequence of the Russian revolution after the war against Japan was bloody Sunday. Where there would be a prosecution where in about 200,000 people 500 people had died. Bloody Sunday was lead by Father Gapon for the people to ask for the tsar’s help like for raises and food. But the reaction or the amount of people made the royal family panic so they shot people to shoo them away. But after a while the tsar Nicholas the second made a decision for people so that there would be another power for the people, so he made the duma. The duma is a type of government and the people voted its leaders. But the royal family still had a bit of control over the government, so who ever the tsar didn’t like he would push them out, the people he tended to like listened to his orders. But after a while the people decided that having a government was the same and didn’t help much so there was a guy named Stalin who had liked the idea of what a german writer named Carl Marx had written about in 1848 called the Communist Manifesto, in this book Carl Marx thought that communism would allow people not to be selfish and to work together with others. Then they would get paid the amount they need to be. With that Stalin had brought the royal family into a basement and had murdered them all. So there was no more royal blood and other things. That way Russia could have there own elections and choices of leaders.

Fahrenheit 451 Resolution

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In the resolution of Fahrenheit 451 I had chosen to rewrite the book and make it a children’s book. The main events are all taken into the book and are rewritten in an easy way to understand, another detail that I had added into the book was that the items on the characters shirts are representatives of what the character values the most. As on Montag’s shirt he had a firefighters logo, and as the story had progressed it changed into a book logo. Another way that Montag had changed was when he had left the river, his shirt had changed from white to gray as it shows the change of character once he arrives to the hobo camp. When Montag had the fireman’s logo onto his chest his job was to burn books as books where illegal in this place. “Do you ever read any of the books you burn?” He laughed. “That’s against the law!” (pg 12) But as the story progresses his logo changes towards a confusion between books and his duty as a fireman. Montag gazed beyond them to the wall with the typed lists of a million forbidden books. Their names leapt in fire, burn down the years under his ax and his hose which sprayed not water but kerosene. (pg 37-38) Montag’s own choice had lead him to become a criminal and a book lover, the books theme is choice as Montag chose his path between his duty as a firefighter and his curiosity for books.