The Parabola Of a Football throw

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The last Unit we had learned about Quadratic Equations. It is where there are four terms and you have to use it to find the parabola of the equation. For example a quadratic equation could look like y = x^2 + x + 1. Using our knowledge with these quadratic equations our assignment was to find a real world situation that would involve a parabolic motion.

Now you could say that math is everywhere, and it truly is. When we were looking for our parabolas it was very easy to find as it was everywhere. From the throwing of a ball to a dome-shaped object. Math is everywhere all around us.

The requirements for the assignment were that it could not be of a basketball shot since it was used as an example. Next, we had to have a scale (it has to be in exact size or distance) for the parabolic motion, the video could be of us recording the parabolic motion or a video from youtube. For me, I had used an American Football throw. The ball had traveled in a dome-like shape and had moved from left to right. The catch at the end was another parabolic motion, as if you focus on the center of the body you can notice or see that the body goes over and back. Once we had finished recording the parabolic motion we then had to analyze the video inside an application called Logger Pro. This application would use the scale and video then create a parabola based on the information given to it. How we create this parabola is that we first need to click all at the object or movement throughout all of the frames or just the selected frames.

Now this would help you or everyone else realize that math can be incorporated into anything. And also can be found anywhere.


China’s Cultural Revolution

The journals that I had written had taken place during 1966-76 the Cultural Revolution. It is written in the perspective of a college professor at Beijing University. These journals talk about his journey throughout one of the main events in China. As he thinks everything is great and well, his whole world starts to change before his eyes.

China had been through a very intense revolution led by Chairman Mao. He had wanted to get rid of the 4 Olds, Customs, Habits, Ideas, and Culture. By doing so he would then establish the new. As he called to the working class the Red Guards began to form, and China then was in a state of civil war. But the higher class people would be punished and any relations to the higher classes would as well be punished. Even thought people thought of Mao as a very great leader, people around him started to disappear and or rebel against him. After the death of Mao, many of the things in China resumed to its original ideas before the revolution.


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Same But With Different Perspectives

For this multimedia blog post I have compared the book Red Scarf Girl by Ji-li Jiang. With 1966-1976 into summary Jonathan Spence Search for Modern China pdf.  The book Red Scarf Girl is written in the perspective of the author Ji-li Jiang, who thought that the revolution was one of the most saddening moments throughout her life. The similarities would be the way that people are treated for being Counter Revolutionists, or other people higher than of the commoners. Also of the events that were broadcasted inside of the book were also similar. But the diffrences would be the feelings and emotions of the people during the revolution, and also of how they reacted.

Characterization Red Scarf Girl

The book Red Scarf Girl. By Ji-li Jiang. The story talks about her own experience during the Cultural Revolution that took place in China. And throughout the story, her characters traits were shown by how she reacted, and how she would 99.

Ji-li is a very smart and hard-working girl as she is towards the top of her class in studies. People also would look at her and be jealous of her grades and intelligence. “So I stretched out my arm to show Dad my da-dui-zhang badge.”(Pg. 9) Ji-li is kind and respectful, she would respect her elders and parents. She also shows responsibility from being able to care for her siblings, and help out when she can. She would help buy groceries when the ayi (Song Po-po) is fired, as well as help her siblings when they are bullied. She showed leadership by being able to lead her school during a period of time, and also by taking care of her family. Ji-li is a girl with many characteristics, and also with lots of experience of during the revolution. With that, she deserves the respect that she can gain, as all of her characteristics are kind hearted.