Characterization Red Scarf Girl

The book Red Scarf Girl. By Ji-li Jiang. The story talks about her own experience during the Cultural Revolution that took place in China. And throughout the story, her characters traits were shown by how she reacted, and how she would 99.

Ji-li is a very smart and hard-working girl as she is towards the top of her class in studies. People also would look at her and be jealous of her grades and intelligence. “So I stretched out my arm to show Dad my da-dui-zhang badge.”(Pg. 9) Ji-li is kind and respectful, she would respect her elders and parents. She also shows responsibility from being able to care for her siblings, and help out when she can. She would help buy groceries when the ayi (Song Po-po) is fired, as well as help her siblings when they are bullied. She showed leadership by being able to lead her school during a period of time, and also by taking care of her family. Ji-li is a girl with many characteristics, and also with lots of experience of during the revolution. With that, she deserves the respect that she can gain, as all of her characteristics are kind hearted.

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