China’s Cultural Revolution

The journals that I had written had taken place during 1966-76 the Cultural Revolution. It is written in the perspective of a college professor at Beijing University. These journals talk about his journey throughout one of the main events in China. As he thinks everything is great and well, his whole world starts to change before his eyes.

China had been through a very intense revolution led by Chairman Mao. He had wanted to get rid of the 4 Olds, Customs, Habits, Ideas, and Culture. By doing so he would then establish the new. As he called to the working class the Red Guards began to form, and China then was in a state of civil war. But the higher class people would be punished and any relations to the higher classes would as well be punished. Even thought people thought of Mao as a very great leader, people around him started to disappear and or rebel against him. After the death of Mao, many of the things in China resumed to its original ideas before the revolution.


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