Journal Entries Science Polymer Project

Journal Entry #1-Calvin L

Our goal is to make a polymer that has a medical use. Our one aim is to create a polymer, which can stop bleeding. We had found or discovered this idea off of one item named Vetigel. It is a polymer that can treat wounds and stop the bleeding in less than 20 seconds. But since vetigel is only used in vets we would like to make one for humans. So it shows that our target audience is for any injured people of all ages.

For our polymer, the different aspects that we would like to incorporate into one are flexible, sticky, thick, and meltable. Using these characteristics we can or may use the polymer as a type of bandage etc.

To make this we want to combine Super Slime and Goobers together. Thus giving us the needed characteristics. Which means or shows that we would need to try to make Goobers. The polymer would seep or cover holes and cracks, much like bleeding wounds. And with the sticky and thick type of paste, it could act like a Band-Aid and stop the blood from dripping out.

After combining the two polymers we would need to test it, then to see if any properties have changed inside of the slime, as well as what should be added or changed.



Journal #2

What we have done today was that we had tested and made our polymer. But the one problem that we had was that we didn’t have the ingredients to make Goobers, so we had just ended up only making the Super Slime and testing that first.

Our tests for the Super Slime were to test how sticky it was, and how effective it was by stopping liquids. Another was that we needed to test or see if the polymer would actually melt back into the shape of a blob. By doing so we had found that the Super Slime wasn’t very sticky all the time. The Slime had been sticky at first but then after a while the sticky aspect became less. We first used a plastic cup, and since it was already cracked it was leaking. So we had tried to use the polymer to stop it. The polymer was thin and created a little bubble of water. The polymer would also not stay if it weren’t for our hands holding it to the cup. But once we had applied it to our arms as a test for stickiness it would stick and stay on your arm unless you made lots of sudden movements. One thing that we had discovered was that after it was in the liquid it would start to change softer and slimier. Also, whatever color the liquid is it would change the color of the slime. One thing, which was successful, was that we had found that after each thing that had happened to the slime it would still melt back into a blob shape. One more thing that was found later on while we were testing was that once the colored super slime was put into a bag of water after a while it would start to change the color of the water as well as disappear. Or become lessened.

For next time, we would need to try to make the Goobers and test it out. The combination would need to be tested to see if any other characteristics or aspects would need to be added to the mixture. From what we have done today, another idea has popped up where we could also use this slime as an icepack if refrigerated or put into a source of water to make a lava lamp. For next time, one thing that we could do to make the solution more sticky is to add more glue.

Slime Test Gloop Boogers Superslime
Description Smooth texture, smells like soap, bouncy Smooth, slimey Smooth, clear
Slime Rating 1-4 1 4 3
Slow Poke Test Hole pops back, leaves a little dent Pops back out and sinks back in Sinks in and goes out
Quick Poke Test Closes a bit, or doesn’t penetrate much Sinks in, comes back out Pushes back out into original shape
Slow Pull Test It ripped, doesn’t combine back very easily Stretchy Stretches into a line with bubbles
Quick Pull Test It ripped can see the damage clearly Doesn’t go as far as slow pull Broke instantly
Blob Test Couldn’t roll into a ball, it would pop back into original shape before rolled Cant roll into a ball Melts back into a blob
Hang Test Slowly droops down. 1 min 146 sec 13 sec
Bounce Test 1-5 5 3 1



Journal #3

We have mixed the two slimes together Gloop and SuperSlime. What our aim for today is to see if this is the actual slime or polymer that we need by testing it.

Test Stickiness Blood Stopping Overall
#1 Not very sticky, had to be held to the paper Stops the blood We have combined the slime with more glue to make it more sticky
#2 It had stuck to the paper by its self The trait had still remained and has still stopped all the “blood” It’s a success but we would need to try again to see if anything would need to be changed
#3 It had worked again Still stopped the stream of liquid The slime would only work if there is glue mixed into the slime


Test New mixture
Description Slimey, gooey, smooth
Slime Rating 1-4 1
Slow Poke Test Pops back out a bit. Leaves a dent
Quick Poke Test Pop back out a bit. Leaves a bigger dent
Slow Pull Test Stretchy
Quick Pull Test Less stretchy
Blob Test Can roll back into a blob
Hang Test 126 sec
Bounce Test 2

What we had done last time or our goal for today was to combine our slimes to create the prototype and test out the newly made slime. The results are on the top tables, and also with the results of our tests.

  1. Make both the Super Slime and also the Gloop
  2. Add a small strip of Gloop into the Super Slime and make sure that it is attached
  3. Add a reasonable amount of glue to the mixture and mix it until the glue is not visible
  4. Complete


Journal #4

For this entire and whole polymer project, our aim was to have the polymer to have a medical use. With this I think that our labs, and development of the polymer was really smooth, since we agreed on everything. We had made progress right according to the schedule, and were right on track.


What we had to do today was just to show our infomercial, with that what we had put or added into the infomercial was our polymers aspects, as well as the example of how to use it. We then had named our polymer AVX2001. Each letter and number representing something. After we had gotten all of our filming done I had put the videos and sounds together. After matching everything I was then told by another classmate that my infomercial was too long, the required time was 1-2 minuets. But the one that I had made was 3 minuets 20 seconds.

During the presentation of the videos or infomercials, one thing that I thought was interesting was that in most of the videos there was some humor involved for the audience to be more engaged. All the videos were short, and explained everything that my group had covered in just about 1-2 minuets. Some of the infomercials started with a question, then with their polymer as the solution.


Once we had started our video only the beginning had been very catching and a bit humorous, but then during the middle section the audience became more quiet and a bit more bored. At the end the audience seemed hooked back in as we added more effects and humor. Overall I think that if I could change the video, I would make it a lot more shorter. Instead of explaining all of the things, I would maybe just show it on the video, with words on the side. Then also I would delete all of the extra unneeded things. With that I would then try to make the video more visually appealing then more humorous. This way it would be more attractive, interesting as well as informative.

Travel Magazine Observations

Pound for pound, nose to tail, there’s never been a better or, frankly, wackier time to eat in London.

In this magazine there is a section that talks about a restaurant and the food that they serve in London. The article talks about the foods from the perspective of the writer. Granger & Co. the restaurant is the main one in this article, as the writer talks about how it is arguably one of the best breakfast restaurants in London.

What the Article Includes

The article includes the needed information about each of the foods, inside the restaurant Granger & Co. The background of the restaurant as well as the first person view of the writers experience there. The pictures all have to do with what is served in the place, and also what is the most commonly eaten.

Target Market Audience

What the target market audience could be in this article shows maybe a higher class, middle aged people. And also maybe business men and women. The article would show what the best food spots are as well as the best types of foods to get! Many different varieties are offered, as well as information about the local favorites.

The Charge of the Light Brigade TPCASTTT


In the title of “The Charge of the Light Brigade” you have a feeling that the poem would be about a war. Since the charge shows an action, the light brigade sounds like it would be a place. Altogether it would mean that it is a war in or at the Light Brigade.



Stanza 1 talks about how people or an army of 600 had battled against another large army. Into the valley of Death (Stanza 1 Line 7) Talks about how the people are fighting and many have or are going to die.

Stanza 2 talks about how there was a betrayal. But since no one had known who it was, all that they could do was to try their best, or die trying. The line “Into the valley of Death” was repeated again in this stanza.

Stanza 3 talks about what the men were seeing or what they heard. Boldly they rode (Stanza 3 Line 23) shows that they were still bravely going even though they were outnumbered by the other army. Instead of “Into the valley of Death”, it had used “Into the jaws of Death”

Stanza 4 shows that the army of 600 had taken out their knives or swords and instead of shooting they would stab and slice the opponents. They had gotten through the other army, both Cossack and Russians had dodged from both sides. But after that the army of 600 did not come back. “All the world wondered” (Stanza 4 Line 31) Shows that the rest of the world wouldn’t know what had happened or even what is happening.

Stanza 5 the first three lines “Cannon to the right of them, Cannon to left of them, Cannon behind them” (Stanza 5 Line 39,40,41) Is like the same as stanza 3 but instead of Cannon front of them it is Cannon behind them. This may show the the army of 600 is past the other army. But going through other army many had fallen and all had fought well. But the best had survived, they were all that was left of the 600.

Stanza 6 the world respects this army of 600, and thought of the honorable fight or war that they had.



Diction: Death, Army, Loyal

Imagery + details: The author shows a battlefield of death, and of an honorable army fighting

Symbols: None


Irony: None


Effect of sound devices: Guns, cannons, death, swords

Structure: 6 stanza



Loyal fierce honorable soldiers


Losing to winning


The general had mistakenly sent the army of men into the wrong place causing many deaths


It doesnt matter if people are losing are winning, all that matters if that you keep going and have honor

Poetry Day Reflection

On April 6, 2016, we had one day which instead of a humanities class we had multiple poetry classes. We had to sign up for which classes or poetry sessions we had wanted. During that time I had signed up for Six Room Poem, and Abecedarian. Beforehand I didn’t understand what those poems were, and also how to make them. After having those classes, I now understand how they work and how they are made.