The Charge of the Light Brigade TPCASTTT


In the title of “The Charge of the Light Brigade” you have a feeling that the poem would be about a war. Since the charge shows an action, the light brigade sounds like it would be a place. Altogether it would mean that it is a war in or at the Light Brigade.



Stanza 1 talks about how people or an army of 600 had battled against another large army. Into the valley of Death (Stanza 1 Line 7) Talks about how the people are fighting and many have or are going to die.

Stanza 2 talks about how there was a betrayal. But since no one had known who it was, all that they could do was to try their best, or die trying. The line “Into the valley of Death” was repeated again in this stanza.

Stanza 3 talks about what the men were seeing or what they heard. Boldly they rode (Stanza 3 Line 23) shows that they were still bravely going even though they were outnumbered by the other army. Instead of “Into the valley of Death”, it had used “Into the jaws of Death”

Stanza 4 shows that the army of 600 had taken out their knives or swords and instead of shooting they would stab and slice the opponents. They had gotten through the other army, both Cossack and Russians had dodged from both sides. But after that the army of 600 did not come back. “All the world wondered” (Stanza 4 Line 31) Shows that the rest of the world wouldn’t know what had happened or even what is happening.

Stanza 5 the first three lines “Cannon to the right of them, Cannon to left of them, Cannon behind them” (Stanza 5 Line 39,40,41) Is like the same as stanza 3 but instead of Cannon front of them it is Cannon behind them. This may show the the army of 600 is past the other army. But going through other army many had fallen and all had fought well. But the best had survived, they were all that was left of the 600.

Stanza 6 the world respects this army of 600, and thought of the honorable fight or war that they had.



Diction: Death, Army, Loyal

Imagery + details: The author shows a battlefield of death, and of an honorable army fighting

Symbols: None


Irony: None


Effect of sound devices: Guns, cannons, death, swords

Structure: 6 stanza



Loyal fierce honorable soldiers


Losing to winning


The general had mistakenly sent the army of men into the wrong place causing many deaths


It doesnt matter if people are losing are winning, all that matters if that you keep going and have honor