Travel Magazine Observations

Pound for pound, nose to tail, there’s never been a better or, frankly, wackier time to eat in London.

In this magazine there is a section that talks about a restaurant and the food that they serve in London. The article talks about the foods from the perspective of the writer. Granger & Co. the restaurant is the main one in this article, as the writer talks about how it is arguably one of the best breakfast restaurants in London.

What the Article Includes

The article includes the needed information about each of the foods, inside the restaurant Granger & Co. The background of the restaurant as well as the first person view of the writers experience there. The pictures all have to do with what is served in the place, and also what is the most commonly eaten.

Target Market Audience

What the target market audience could be in this article shows maybe a higher class, middle aged people. And also maybe business men and women. The article would show what the best food spots are as well as the best types of foods to get! Many different varieties are offered, as well as information about the local favorites.

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