Black Power Salute

From the “100 Influential Photos of All Time” the one photograph that really speaks to me personally is a photo captioned: “Black Power Salute”. This photograph taken by John Dominis during the 1968 Games in Mexico City, represents the fight for equality in the world for minorities.

The photo appeals to me due to the composition, as well as the meaning behind the photo. The composition of the photo is centered towards 3 men. The black background behind the men enhances the different shades of gray and white which define the men. Although the photo shows 3 men, the man in the middle Tommie Smith is the one who stands out the most. As his entire body in within the shot, his fist risen into the air is a symbolism of rebellion as well as a remembrance of where he had come from. The meaning behind the photo is of two African American athletes who make a stand for the world to see the struggles African American people go through.

This photo is important as it represents a stand for a group of people. This photograph should have its audience as it serves as a reminder in which that everyone should remember where they come from, and should not be afraid to stand up for your roots. This photo had taught me to be myself and to remember where I come from where ever I am.