Elements of Art

-Introduce and define the elements of art.

There are seven elements of art, the seven are Line, Shape, Forms, Space, Color, Texture, and Value. The way the elements are captured can give you different characteristics or feelings to the piece.
Line is any piece of art or photography that includes or incorporates a line into it, the line doesn’t have to be a certain way, it can be horizontal, diagonal, straight, curved, thick or thin. Shape is a type of art in which it may be geometric, organic or natural shapes. Geometric shapes are much like regular polygons or circles with flaws, the organic shapes include curved or smooth types, and natural shapes are shapes that are naturally made like leaves. Forms are 3-dimensional shapes that are captured in art, they include spheres, boxes, cylinders, etc. Space is capturing the space around an object. Space usually is captured by having an object or separate objects on a common color. Color is the most common element being used or captured. Color has been taught in many art classes from a young age from the color wheel to complementary colors, to its 3 main characteristics hue, value, and intensity. The texture is the surface of a platform or object, you can both feel the texture and see it. By capturing the texture of the object you can see how realistic it looks, but the paper contrasts from the texture captured as the paper are smooth and only portrays the texture. The final element is Value. Value is captured by showing the different shades of either light or dark.


-Why are the elements helpful when learning how to discuss and critique photography?

By portraying the elements in their photographs it helps people discuss and critique the work as it gives people a topic to look for. As each element can be shown all around us, it gives us a target to see what you find is enjoyable and to find what elements are included within the image. You can use elements to critique photography as you can tell how the element was portrayed in the photo, and see how much creativity was used.


-What did you learn from this activity?

From this activity, I have learned to keep an eye out for different shots, and to try to see things from different perspectives. By looking at things from different perspectives you can see something entirely different whilst at the same place. Another thing that I have learned from this activity is that the elements of art are really useful and enhance your photograph if you know how to use them.


-Discuss your favorite photo. What element does it exemplify?  How does it exemplify the chosen element?  Be explicit and descriptive.

My favorite photo is of the fountain in our school. It exemplifies Line, Shape, Form, and Texture. The curves of each step going down the fountain are shown by starting the image from one point and watching it turn. The Shape is shown by the little flowers on the side as the shape is organic from the trees. Form is shown by the smooth stones beside the fountain. Finally, the Texture is recognized from the stones smooth sides, as well as the ripples in the water.