Burning House Project

Name: Calvin L.
Age: 15
Location: Beijing, China
Occupation: Student
Items Listed: Pikachu Stuffed Animal, Family Photos, Basketball, Laptop, Headphones, Swim Goggles, Speaker, and Guitar.

The items that I have included in the picture represent many things that have sentimental value towards myself or represent a characteristic that I have. The Pikachu in the photo was something that I had been given every since I was just born and had been with me everywhere I moved. The Family Photos help show where I had come from and show me what I represent. The Basketball represents my hobby, and what I enjoy doing or playing. My laptop is something that carries many experiences that I have had, as well as keeping me connected with the world. My Beats Headphones show my love for music. The Swim Goggles represent my first official sport and how much time I had spent in the waters, it also reminds me of the clash of sports that I had encountered when I could not play in both sports swimming and basketball. My speaker was a gift that I had gotten during the summer and further shows my love of music. Finally my guitar is the first instrument that I had learned, and was one of the first things that got me introduced into the world of music.