ISO Collage Blog Post

-In your own words, what’s the definition of ISO and its role in the Exposure Triangle?
ISO is the adjustment of the camera lens to light. The higher the ISO is set the more the lens is exposed to light. The exposure triangle includes Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO. Each side of the triangle can increase the brightness of the photo, but at the expense of another side.

-When would you use a lower ISO number or a higher ISO number?  Give an example of each.
You would use a lower ISO number when there is lots of natural light/artificial light already present. A higher ISO number would be used if you were in a room where there was a smaller or little source of light.

-What are some of the negative side effects of using a high ISO? Explain.
The negative side effects of using a high ISO includes a bright photo with an excessive amount of light included within the photo.

-How does understanding ISO and it’s role help you navigate the camera in Manual Mode?
The understanding of the ISO helps us navigate the camera as it can help us adjust the light so that we have well light lit photos no matter how light or dark.