1 Object / 30 Times

The assignment that we had was to bring in an object, and to take 30 photos of the same object while displaying different Principles of Design, as well as Elements of Art. The purpose of this assignment was to show how creative we could be with 1 object and how we could use the things we had learned before in class such as Principles of Design, and Elements of Art to showcase the object.
It is important to understand the Composition Guidelines so that we would not overcomplicate ourselves when taking photos, and to make the picture in your mind easier to find once you apply it to real life. From this assignment the most challenging aspect was to be creative with the object and to see the different principles and elements around myself. Another challenging aspect was to look at objects or areas in a different perpective and not to show the same principles or elements receptively. By looking at things creatively and wanting to take a photo of one principle or element can keep your brain countinuosly searching for that one type of image.
The big takeaway from this challenge would be looking at things differently, and to use the objects or areas around me to create different photos. By using other areas or objects I can increase my understanding as I know how to display the image.