Field Trip Blog Post

-Introduce the field trip-what did we do and where did we go?
During Oct 26, 2017, our Digital Photography class had gone into the city to the Hutongs and the Bell Tower to take photos of the people and life there.

-What did you enjoy most about the trip? Why?
I enjoyed the opportunity in which I could spend time with friends outside of school to take photos. As well as experience and capture the life there. I felt that everyone got to experience what it was like to be a professional photographer, and it wasn’t too much of a challenge as we all had other friends there to support us, and make the experience worthwhile.

-What techniques did you try out on the assignment list that worked out for you? What did you have to keep in mind to get a successful shot?
From the assignment list, I had tried Panning, Aperture, and others. Panning was quite hard to capture as I felt that it was hard to anticipate when a bike or car would come past. At the end, I had captured a photo in which the person the bike was well in focus, and I thought that the photo looked nice.

-What surprised you about the photo walk?  Interactions with people?  Life in the hutong neighborhoods? Describe.
The photo walk was surprising as it showed the unseen places of Beijing. It was much like behind the scenes or something that people don’t really think about first when thinking about Beijing. It also showed the true culture, of Beijing. I had found that interacting with people was quite hard, and that sometimes when you find that someone is in a good posture, you take the photo right away. Afterwards the person may not like you taking photos of them, and may find it rude. But there was one lady who was kind enough to pose for a group of us. The life in the Hutong neighborhoods was quite simple, I felt that everything was the same, and that may colors were fading. The constant color of grey made the rest of the people and plants more dominant on the other hand. Something that we had found during this trip was that the neighborhood was really close and that every person walking or biking would know each other.

-What was challenging for you on this trip? Why? How did you deal with this?
Something that I had found was challenging during this trip was anticipating the shot due to the fact that I found it was hard to decide what to capture. From anticipating the shot, I had figured out that I would just survey my surroundings and focus on one thing at a time. Secondly was how to focus on the scenes instead of just hanging out with friends. What I had done to improve this was to stick with a small group of people and to stay further away from the larger group. But within the smaller group I had also wandered at least 5 meters away so that I had focus more intently.

-What new ideas do you have now about street photography?  
Some new ideas that I have about street photography now include understanding the area before capturing a photo, and also to look for something or to just see things differently.

-What’s the most important thing you learned by having this field trip experience?
The most important thing that I had learned by having this field trip is that sometimes the more people doesn’t necessarily mean the better. For example, the more the people bunched together it is harder to find something that is different from everyone else. It also creates an environment that may be distracting for many.