10 Portrait Techniques

1. Alter Perspective
This photo is taken by looking at the subject from a different perspective. An example of how you could take the photo is by moving around your subject and taking a photo from views that you normally wouldn’t look at such as from above or below.

2. Moving Subject Out of Their Comfort Zone
The photo shown is of my brother twisting himself off the couch. My brother is a really active person and loves to move around, so I had captured the photo of him coming off the couch in style. An example of how you could capture this photo is by having your subject run or jump around then taking photos.

3. Focus on One Body Part
The photo taken is of my moms hand, I tried to show elegance in the posture and brightness in the photo. An example of how y0u could take this photo is of trying to look at a part of someone, and try to display it in a certain way with either lighting or posture.

4. Framing Part of the Subject
The photo uses two objects to cover up a bit of the subject to show only one part of their face. An example of how you could take this photo is of framing or covering up and exposing the only part that you want to show.

5. Changing the Format Framing
Portraits or photos in general can be taken vertically or horizontally. Portrait photos may not capture the background of the subject and makes the photographer focus more on the entirety of the subject. Horizontal photos allow the photographer to also capture the background of the subject.

6. Playing Around with Backgrounds
The background of the subject is pretty important as it can tell the scene and could show you the personality of the subject. A plain background can lead the viewers more specifically into the subject, while a noisy or crowded background may leave the viewers to explore the background more instead of the subject. An example of how you could take this photo is by taking the photo with a plain white background or to just take the portrait photo in another place outside.

7. Holding the Camera at an Angle
By holding the camera at an angle it can create a different sense to the photo, as much like taking photos from a different perspective it allows the viewers to see something that they typically don’t see. To take this type of photo you would need to tilt the camera a bit and capture the photo of the subject.

8. Taking Unfocused Shots
Unfocused shots are shallow depth of field photos, they allow the viewer to look at the objects around the subject while still showing the subject but blurred. This photo is taken by changing the aperture of the camera to shallow depth of field thus things closer to the camera will be in focus, while things further away will be blurred.

9. Experimenting with Subject Expressions
The subjects expressions can be changed and captured, the different expressions can display different emotions to the viewers. These photos can be taken by preparing the photo with the subject, such as making them laugh or interacting with them.

10. Filling the Frame
By filling the frame with the subject, every aspect of their face is shown. The photo can be taken by zooming or moving close to the subject, make sure that the lighting is good and reveals the entire face.

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