The Parabola Of a Football throw

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The last Unit we had learned about Quadratic Equations. It is where there are four terms and you have to use it to find the parabola of the equation. For example a quadratic equation could look like y = x^2 + x + 1. Using our knowledge with these quadratic equations our assignment was to find a real world situation that would involve a parabolic motion.

Now you could say that math is everywhere, and it truly is. When we were looking for our parabolas it was very easy to find as it was everywhere. From the throwing of a ball to a dome-shaped object. Math is everywhere all around us.

The requirements for the assignment were that it could not be of a basketball shot since it was used as an example. Next, we had to have a scale (it has to be in exact size or distance) for the parabolic motion, the video could be of us recording the parabolic motion or a video from youtube. For me, I had used an American Football throw. The ball had traveled in a dome-like shape and had moved from left to right. The catch at the end was another parabolic motion, as if you focus on the center of the body you can notice or see that the body goes over and back. Once we had finished recording the parabolic motion we then had to analyze the video inside an application called Logger Pro. This application would use the scale and video then create a parabola based on the information given to it. How we create this parabola is that we first need to click all at the object or movement throughout all of the frames or just the selected frames.

Now this would help you or everyone else realize that math can be incorporated into anything. And also can be found anywhere.


Forensic Mysteries

What we have learned so far this year in algebra 1, 8th grade. We had reviewed many things that was learned last year, as making equations, substitution, absolute value, simplifying equations, and also ratio and fractions. Another thing we learned is the way that forensic scientists identify people, just by using the bones, and an equation. By doing that you can find the height of the person.

Forensic Equations are for finding out the height or the closest number to the height of the actual person of which the bone belongs to. Forensic scientist use it to find out the person in a crime scene, or to identify who the bone belongs to.

These equations work well for most situations, because they are based on the information given. Which means that they include the information into the equations. Some possible sources of error might come into focus. For instance the miss measuring the persons height, or calculating something wrong. Another thing is the possibility that the bone is not actually that height, since for some people they’re upper body is larger or longer than they’re lower body.

Scientists and mathematicians could improve the accuracy of the equations by taking the average of every race, and ethnic group in the world in order to have even more specific data, not like many different people into one category since it could range in many different lengths. Like for instance the category Asians, like there could be China, Indian, Philippines, etc. Also another way to improve the accuracy is by putting in age groups. Since in every age people grow differently, as for a child they will continue growing, but for an adult they would not grow as much.