ITS ALL BOUT CALVIN! (thats me!!!)

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“BASKETBALL IS NOT JUST A SPORT IT’S A LIFESTYLE” “Keep practicing never let somebody tell you that you’re too small or too slow” – Chris Paul. <— MY MOST FAVE BASKETBALL PLAYER IN THE NBA!! So . . . HI!!!!!! So the first thing is that I’m not Calvin Harris. I do like music but I’m not a big fan of Calvin Harris. I like like to listen to the music that make me feel whole and good as a person, or just learn a something and play it on my guitar once in a while. I love to play Basketball, and I swim. I love to watch the NBA, and my most favorite team would probably be the LA CLIPPERS!!! My most favorite Basketball player in the NBA would be Chris Paul, because he is an excellent point guard and is not considered very tall in the NBA. I enjoy all kinds of sports, and live to play with teams and get better as an individual, and a team player. After all those sports I get really hungry tho! My most favorable food is a CHIPOTLE BURRITO, but in China (where I live) they don’t have it so… Im pretty much dead here anyways… BUT AT LEAST I HAVE BASKETBALL!! The only things that I hate in this world is being bored and homework.

Well Thats My Life!


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