Breaking News!! Church Broken into in Paris! (Paris Daily)

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The book I have read for this blog post is called “The Magician”. It is the second book of the Nicholas Flamel series, by Michael Scott. For the multimedia post I have chosen to make a newspaper, I have put a man named Aleron Anatole as the writer of the story. He has written it from the perspectives of himself and also of Niccolo Machiavelli. As of what he had smelled, saw and the number of people there. “He knew that they were talking about the strange fog that had suddenly descended over the church.” (Pg. 41). Another quote is “And beneath the portico of Sacre-Coeur in Paris, the air turned chill and moist , rich with the odor of vanilla ice cream.” (Pg. 34) These two quotes show the parts of the smells and looks of the night of the break in. This way when people look at the article they can feel or imagine what is talked or explained in the article.

Long live the Magic

The Alchemyst (Secrets Of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel) By: Michael Scott


The book The Alchemyst by Michael Scott, is a book that revolves around a legend, or a prophecy. Two twins would come together to fight, one with the power to save the world, another with the power to destroy. Josh and Sophie work across from each other, Josh worked in a bookstore, whilst Sophie worked in the café across the road from Josh. They had found out about legends and the reality that they actually lived in. How magic and legendary characters were actually real.


“I will not go down without a fight. For I am the immortal Nicholas Flamel.” Pg. 1

Nicholas Flamel is a legend that has lived until today; he cannot die, and was born on the year 1330. He had many jobs and has been many things in his lifetime. He has been a physician, cook, bookseller and a soldier, a teacher of languages and chemistry, and both an officer of the law and a thief. But before all of these jobs, he was alchemist, considered as the greatest alchemist of all. He has been summoned by many great people, kings, queens, and popes, he was able to make metal into gold. He could change many things into valuable things. He had also discovered the secret of eternal life hidden deep in a book of ancient magic. But the book has been taken from him, without it he and his wife would die. So he would fight until he has gotten the book back.


“They’re going into the book shop,” she said into her earpiece. “Is Josh still working there?” Elle immediately asked. Pg. 5

Sophie and Josh are twins. They have gotten a job right across from each other for a few months so far. Sophie has seen a couple of men walking out of a black car, heading towards the book shop where her brother works. But while she is watching she finds that those people are not actually human. They were Golems and John Dee. They were finding the Codex, a book that has kept the Flamels alive for this long. Sophie and Josh find out that the Flamels are actually really old and are legends running from John Dee.


“I’m sorry,” Flamel explained. “That’s an aftereffect or the . . . well, what you would call magic. My aura—the electrical field that surrounds my body—is still charged. Pg. 40

The aura is the magical force that surrounds your body; every single person has a different aura. With the aura there are a variety of different smells colors and powers included within your aura.


“I would like to introduce you to Scathach. She’ll probably not tell you much about herself, so I’ll tell you that she is of the Elder Race and has trained every warrior and hero of legend for the past two thousand years. In mythology she is known as the Warrior Maid, the Shadow, the Daemon Slayer, the King Maker, the—“” “Oh just call me Scatty,” the young women said, her cheeks turning the same color as her hair.       Pg. 59

Scathach is also a legend, and has lived for a long time. She is older than Nicholas Flamel and is a next generation Elder. Nicholas has brought the twins to Scathach so that they could be trained to protect themselves. Scathach lives in a dojo, and wants to live a peaceful life without much war. She didn’t like having Nicholas bringing the twins and also trouble. There were birds and rats following them, they were being controlled by Dee, he could see through they’re eyes, what they hear, smell, and even taste.


Scatty waved the square of paper at the twins. “Every magical creature is kept animated by either in or on its body. All you have to do is remove it to break the spell. Remember that.” Pg. 72 

Scatty has began to teach the twins, Flamel, and Scatty are being attacked by Dee and his creations. She begins with the most simplest of magic’s, when a creature is made you would have to take out the square piece of paper that is connect inside or outside of the creature to destroy it.


Hekate sighed. “It’s been a long time . . . a very long time since I took a student.” She turned to look at Scathach. “And that didn’t turn out too well.” “This is different. This time you would be working with raw talent, pure, untainted power. And we don’t have a lot of time.” Pg. 122

Flamel has brought Scatty and the twins to Hekate for protection and also for her to awaken there full potentials. The human’s senses have lowered over the years due to the fact that there was less danger every single day. She is an Elder and is able to do that kind of magic in order to make there senses stronger.


Scathach ignored it. “I want you to remember that everything you know—or think you know—about myth and legend is not necessarily false, nor is it entirely true. At the heart of every legend there is a grain of truth.” Pg. 134

In the book every single myth legend has a grain of truth in them, as they are true, the character, place, or even the events. As it is already proved, because of Nicholas and Scatty’s presence, Nicholas was a famous Alchemist, while Scatty was a legendary warrior.


Pernelle smiled. “Well, there is one thing . . . . Perhaps you could get a message to my husband.” Pg. 144

Perenelle was captured and taken by Dee, she was in a prison, but she didn’t know where she was. She then remembers things from her long life. She could see and talk to ghosts, but then put up a defensive wall. She made a defensive wall by changing her aura into purple, yellow, etc. But then she had lowered her defenses and spoke to a ghost, the guard that used to work at the prison. She agreed to free his connection from the prison if he carried a message to Nicholas.


He knew that there were houses like this scattered across the world, homes to those few Dark Elders who liked to walk in the world of men, usually creating mischief. Pg. 188

The Dark Elders are the same as the Elders, they are the ones that want to change the world into the past where they would be more powerful, and where people worshipped them. They were the oldest of all living organisms to walk the earth. Many of them fleed the world, or hid, but others liked to walk amongst the humans.


The more powerful the aura, the greater the magic. You two have extraordinary potential within you. The Alchemyst is correct: you could be the greatest magicians the world has ever known. Pg. 228

Hekate had talked to the Alchemyst, Scatty, The Witch, and many more. All talking about the power that the twins have and how pure their auras are and also how much power they would have if they knew how to use and master the different magics.


The Yggdrasill was dying. Huge slabs of bark sheared off, like icebergs breaking away from an ice camp, and crashed to the ground, littering the beautiful Shadowrealm landscape with shards of razor-sharp ice. Pg. 268

Yggdrasill was one of the two trees that had grown from the old days before the flood that had taken over destroyed the elders land. All the elders had gotten a seed from the tree, but only two of the elders, Hekate, and Odin, had been able to use magic and fully grow the tree. The tree was connected to Hekates power and life force, so after Dee had shoved Excalibur into the tree, it began to weaken, and as it weakened, Hekate weakened with it. The tree was connected to her life force and used her own as well as any other type energy, to sustain its own life. That is why it had drained the cars battery, and both the twins phone battery. But after the tree was dying it started to try to take some of Hekates energy to heal its self. Which explains why Hekate was draining energy, and also dying.


“This is a terrifying gift I have given you. Within you now is a lifetime—a very long lifetime—of experience. I hope some will be of use to you in the dire days ahead.”   Pg. 330

The witch is Scatty’s grandmother, she is one of the wind elemental, but usually she would have more time to teach the skills to students. But in this case she just gave her memories and experience to Sophie so that she may use the powers for good. She would also have to learn how to control her powers, in order to keep everyone safe.


“It is ending, Immortal” the sphinx whispered. Perenelle’s smile was terrifying. “On the contrary,” she replied. “It is now only just beginning.” Pg. 369

The final sentences of the book are quoted above. Perenelle is being held hostage in Alcatraz, and a sphinx is guarding her. The sphinx drains all magical energy, so that Perenelle wouldn’t be able to escape, or do anything tricky. Perenelle is saying that the present is just the beginning, telling us that there is more to come. That way we would want to read on, and also those they will stop at nothing to succeed.


This book is a cliff-hanging book as it changes your mood throughout the book. Anger, Jealousy, and leaves you staring at the book not wanting to stop. The book would make you believe and want to emerge into the world of magic.