Living Up To Your Dreams

Untitled Report (Conflict Copy)

The sweat dripping down your face, your face flushed red. Working. Towards your goal, wanting to become great! The song has the meaning of working hard to succeed in your dreams. Since everyone has a dream, it is a very inspiring song, because if you work hard you can become one of the greats. Everyone will look up to you, and love the game, the same game that you love.

One of the Thesis Statements that I had written was Hard work will make you successful.

Constantly working past your goals is necessary to make you great and successful, that way you can achieve your goals and also live past them. You can become great if you put in the effort, and actually try! “Dedicate yourself and you gon’ find yourself” Line 13. Work past your breaking point and succeed mentally and as well as in life. “Breaking all the records they thought never could be broke” Line 24. As long as you try that is what matters.


Another was that being resilient is necessary to make you successful.

If you are resilient is means that you are quick to get back up on your feet after difficult times or parts. You will spring back with power and learn as well as become more stronger from your experience. “‘Cause you burn with the brightest flame (yeah)” Line 16. This line represents the will and craving you want and need for your goals. “Don’t wait for luck” Line 83. This line shows that you shouldn’t wait for a time to get up, and that you should Just Do It (Nike). You just have to will yourself to try and worked the hardest so that you may become great and live up to your dreams.


The last and final one that I had used was the one that I thought was the best Hard Work and constantly working past your best can or will make you successful, don’t let other peoples thoughts push you down.

Listening, bobbing your head to the song Hall of Fame, by The Script. It is a song that will motivate you to try your hardest to succeed in your dreams. It will make you try your hardest and give you more confidence in your abilities as an athlete or an artist or just in daily life. It will also tell you about the struggles and risks you need to take to be successful in the future of your dreams. some lines that I had quoted from the song that I thought that related to this made a lot of sense to me as the main topic is about trying and giving your effort. “Yeah, do it for your people Do it for your pride How are you ever gonna know if you never even try?” (Line 25,26,27). I think that this line shows that if you will attempt to actually try something you would understand the feelings and thoughts that every person will have to face one day in their lives. “You can walk straight through hell with a smile” (Line 21) this sentence shows that all though you might have doubts or struggles you can still make it through the hard times and still be happy at the same time! You will land on some hardships and some struggles. But you will make it out happy and free! “You can beat the clock (yeah) ‘Cause you burn with the brightest flame (yeah)” (Line 8,16). The words you can beat the clock indicate that you may succeed where others have failed. Or you may beat time in a battle that will constantly over throw you. The other words burn with the brightest flame. It shows that you have the heart, and the will to try your best and also that you would stop at nothing to achieve your goals, you are hungry and crave your goals and want to feel it during or on the moment. You will succeed but it all depends on how you work towards your goal, and it is not always the outcome that matters, it is sometimes the way you work up to become great, it is what you want to be remembered for.
I think that for a connection I could connect to this since the song is talking about everyone who has a dream. Then also the sacrifices that people are willing to make to achieve their dreams. I am an athlete and I would like to grow up to play in the NBA, but to be able to play in the NBA  I would first have to work hard and practice so that I will achieve my goal by being drafted. For others it might be to go to the Olympics, but you wont see the outcome without working hard. One quote that moves me and wills me to keep on going is a quote by Chris Paul, (Point Guard for LA Clippers). Keep practicing. Never let somebody tell you that you’re too small or too slow – Chris Paul. If you work towards your goals and work past your limit everyday, you may one day achieve your highest point.