Thief on the run

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The novel called The Extraordinary Journey of The Fakir Who got Trapped In An Ikea Wardrobe, written by Roman Puértolas, inspired me to create the newspaper article. In this newspaper article, I focused it onto the crime the protagonist created. Using the other characters point of view to see the protagonist’s characteristic and personality. This creates an image that the newspaper was actually created in real life, and the information was accurate. The protagonist is a fakir, as stated in the article. His full name is Ajatashatru Oghash Rathod, pronounced as a-jar-of-rat-stew-oh-gosh. The main protagonist’s characteristics aren’t very clear and see through at the start, yet as the story develops, Ajatashatru’s personality starts to clear up and develops along the story.

Used tools: Fodey’s Newspaper snippet generator 

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