01.0 Fashion Design: Define & Inquire

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Helen Shu

DESIGN PROBLEM Sustainability through fashion (?)
USER/AUDIENCE Runway/Designers/General public
PURPOSE To speak on the problem of sustainability through fashion garments.
GOALS Create a garment that supports
• Life
• Sustainable lifestyle
• Possibly a commentary on humans
o “We come from the earth and will eventually return to it”
• Textiles/Fabric
• Tailor?
Sewing machine
Design Assistants

4 thoughts on “01.0 Fashion Design: Define & Inquire”

  1. I love your idea and the creativity behind it. What are you hoping to end the semester with? One piece of clothing? A whole outfit? A whole collection?

    Also, I think your blog post would be better if you could have embeded your padlet into your blog post.

  2. Since your purpose of this design is specific and clear, with a lot of images that support how might clothe look like, I’m expecting the result. Also, I think it is nice to make with such a great message in this design.

  3. Your CFS idea is really well thought out! I like how you already have finished drawings of your ideas. I was wondering what types of fabrics and/or textiles you’re planning on using for this project? What is the time constraint for your project (how long do you think it will take you)?

  4. Hi Helen, this is looking excellent. Your design brief is well thought through and I’m excited to see your next steps.

    It would be great if you could include a paragraph or so at the beginning that describes your motivations for this project – what you hope to achieve, what got you interested, etc.

    Looking forward to seeing your plan, and please let me know any specific materials/equipment you need ASAP so we can order stuff if we need to.

    Mr Griffin

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