After going over some adjustments of the garment and considering time constraints, I thought about some more ideas of what I could potentially design/make.

Own photograph- Zaha Hadid: Future of Fashion 2 week program at RISD

For the outfit with the garments inspired from deconstructed clothing, I drew a flat (technical drawing of a garment) of the top, which I thought was a very interesting part of this concept

Own drawing- Technical flat

After receiving some feedback from my classmates (from the first blog post), I began thinking on potential fabrics. This ultimately depends on the piece that I will be making (which I am still not sure of yet…) If I’m going with the idea of the top, I’ll probably be using a cotton weave or something of the sort. If I were to make a bodysuit, I would have to use something rather elastic and fitting (currently am thinking of maybe a mix weave), however, I am thinking of doing something more abstract with the arm piece. I would consider the second project a mixed media project.

Maison Margiela Cut Out Fall 2018

I feel like brainstorming is coming along extremely well. I keep coming up with ideas of promising projects. However this is also a setback, since with each idea I draw and annotate, the more indecisive I become.

Brainstorming- Own annotated drawing

Through this experience I’ve learned a lot about how professional designers create their garments and the individual processes to realizing a garment. Such as creating “flats” and “floats”, two different technical forms of illustration. I also realized sewing different materials into each other can be very challenging: take for example a cotton weave and polyester/ PVC plastic.

Own brainstorming- annotated drawings

Moving forward I plan on finalizing one of my ideas… completely… I’m planning to contact a tailor to help me create the base of the garment after showing her pictures and concept drawings of the garment(s). I plan on adding detail after personally adding/ assembling some of the different pieces on the garment (eg, dewing the collar/cuffs onto the dress shirt and stitching together different parts of it)

Sleeve prototype sample #1


Moving forward: Contact a tailor!

Although ambitious, I am planning to create another small garment, perhaps an accessory while I wait on the tailor to create the backbone of the design.

Please leave comments with feedback! Thanks!


  1. Your blogpost is really well thought out! I feel like you have a very clear idea of what you need to do for your final product.

  2. Your sketches and the ideas embedded in your concepts are truly excellent. I think there is still some room to further explain your concepts with external images/linkes etc. I am also interested in whether you could add close-ups of fabrics, textures, colour swatches etc to further communicate your ideas. (This is all working towards a mastery level).

    I’m super excited to see what you make from here.

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