Some of these ideas were intended for this year’s CFS which I chose to not take part in. I believe that these ideas hold great potential and also are meaningful. However, the only problem is that they don’t tie into the idea of sustainability, which is what I intended in my original design brief.

Originally, this was meant to be presented in a 16-piece collection constituted of 8 different outfits.

The concept behind my designs is the construction and deconstruction of an identity. I took inspiration from the different processes and stages of creating a garment and used that to illustrate different stages in one’s identity. From the draping process to illustrating, and assembly process. The stylistic choices of the designs, as well as the contrast of the fabrics (sheer and opaque), are used to show vulnerability in one’s identity. This is an idea that I am pursuing in my Art HL practices and a theme that I’m exploring through my creative work.

Male model: Open jacket

Male model: Asymmetrical sheer sleeve

Male model: Knotted sleeve

Female model: Assembled crop shirt

Female model: dis-assembled shirt

Female model: Deconstructed shirt-dress

Female model: Sewn jacket

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