PRODUCT DESIGN: Garment Development

Throughout the entirety of last week, I have been working on contacting a tailor to create the garment. I visited her and her team earlier last week, and according to what she has said, the garment is probably going to be finished around this Sunday. This will give me time to photograph the final product and create my presentation for the exhibition.


*Fabric swatches provided by the tailor. These were the types of fabric available to the tailor at the time

At the tailor, I first had to pick out the fabrics that I wanted to use in the project. Naturally, being a dress shirt, I decided to use a regular cotton polyester blend for the body of the shirt, collar, as well as the cuffs.

*Colorized version of design flats. Colored and drawn in Krita

As for the second color that I am planning to use, I decided to use what feels like a blend of different fabrics (predominantly linen and possibly some synthetic fibers) in a light blue-grey-teal color. I plan to use this color on the straps and predominantly on the sleeves.


*Physical sketches for the tailor

However, while picking out fabrics for the design, I ran into a few problems. Some of which revolved around the fabrics available and the fabrics that the tailor was recommending me to use. The tailor recommended using a cotton voile blend (seen in image1 in #33). Using a cotton voile blend promised more luxurious folds in the sleeves and contrast to the cotton polyester blend. However, due to the difference in color and the sheerness to it, I decided to go against the suggestion.

*Cotton Voile blend (difference in color caused by lighting)

As for measurements, I provided the measurements for my body (as I will be modeling the clothing) to the tailor and they will create the garment accordingly. The first fitting will be this week Sunday and we will go over potential improvements and edits required to finalize the garment.

*Final notes & Garment sheet (+ additional documents) given to tailor

As for now, I am working on the final presentations of my product. This includes scheduling times to use the photography room available at school, writing posts about my work and the progress on it, and editing a poster where all of the information for this product will be found.


*Note: In terms of sustainability, I asked the tailor if they had any sustainable fabrics. They did not because sustainable and ecological fabrics are expensive and difficult to find in Beijing. If I had prior notice to this, I would have ordered fabrics off TaoBao. However, this is not the case, so I will not be using 100% ecological fabrics. However, I partially used natural fibers such as cotton, and linen. If this product were to be mass-produced or more heavily funded. I would use hemp linen fabric (shown below), which is a sustainable substitute for synthetic fabrics. Hemp fabric is “breathable” and biodegradable!

*Teal hemp fabric. From Siebenblau/Google images

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