CREATE AND IMPROVE: Garment Development.

After visiting the tailor for the second time, the tailor provided a rough body of the garment. In this meeting, we went over smaller details that I wanted in the design, for example: The stitching, thickness of the fabric, the length of the slit in the sleeve, the length of the sleeves, the length of the body, and stitching details. In this meeting we also changed some aspects of the original design, such as the open attached cuffs. From a technical aspect this would be difficult to do, as the fabric from the sleeves would be too flimsy to hold itself and instead would cave in.

**Colored reference of front & back**

This was not the effect that I intended. I fixed the cuff by just asking her to provide the cuffs and sewing them on myself. I decided to sew the cuff directly onto the sleeve fabric just as if it were a regular dress shirt, as this would be easier. I decided to not use the tailor for this part because the cuffs were irregular. One cuff would face outward, while another one would face forward. This can be seen from the positioning of the buttons.

Here are some photos of the rough garment:

**Photos of the garment on body**

After looking at the first prototype of the garment, I decided to change the length of the body as well. I did not like the cut that I had planned, it was too short. Instead I decided to go for a waist-length, the garment being shorter in the front and longer in the back.





**Left sleeve**


**Right Sleeve**




**Hand stitching details, done by yours truly. :))) **

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