Iran Revolution in plain english

Our video displays total of four main different events that occurred from 1925 through 1979 during the Iran Revolution. The four events are about Reza shah, Dr.Mossadegh,  The white Revolution, and Ayatollah Khomeini. This is the time line of the four events:

1878- Abbas Ali had a son Reza (Reza was born)

1941- Reza shah relinquish the throne to his son, Muhammad Reza

1951- Mossadegh was elected as a prime minister

1953-  Mossadegh arrested and dismissed him as a prime minister

  • Muhammad Reza back to power

1963- The white revolution starts (During this time Khomeini speaks out against the shah)

1964- The Shah exiled Khomeini to the city of Najaf in Iraq

1978- Black Friday occurs

1979- Shah fled to Egypt, Khomeini comes back

Learning through Iran revolution, I learned that revolutions were connected to our society today. Iranian Revolution is directly influencing Iran in these days too. For example, after Khomeini comes back to power every woman wears veils in Iran. If the shah was holding the power, women won’t wear veils.

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