Do you prefer graphic novel style or text book style?

dkdkBy comparing and contrasting these two texts chosen from Persepolis and the text book—Excerpts from Amnesty International Report–2010– , we can learn that the style of a text is depended by the author’s purpose of writing a text.

The most easily-known similarities between these two books are that they’re both academic and non-fictional texts. Persepolis is a non-fiction book that was published for academic purposes and the text book was also produced based on true information for academic help. These books are about the events that happened during the Iran revolution. In the texts that I chose from the two books, there weren’t any figurative languages such as personification, hyperbole, and onomatopoeia.

In contrast, there were a lots of differences between these to texts. The most noticeable difference is that the Persepolis is a graphic novel and that the .pdf file is a text book. Not only this, but there was difference in sentence structure, sensory details, word choice and perspective. However, one of the most important differences are the perspectives from each texts. Persepolis was from the perspective of the first person, the character, and the text book was 3rd person omniscient. By using the word ‘me’ and ‘our’, I noticed that the perspective was ’From the characters in the book. Also when one of the character said, “He was in my class at the university” (52), the book was showing that the characters were actually in the revolution; while the text book, the writing style doesn’t show that the writer was in the revolution. The sentence structure and the word choice were more of a casual style because the book was a graphic novel, which means the author needed to include bits of fun in the book for the readers. Following on, the text book had more of formal usage of words and sentence structure because the text was meant for the readers to learn and understand the clear fact of the revolution.

The tophat shows specifically about the differences by showing some quotes and words that appeared in the texts. I used keynotes to make this tophat.

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