Journal Entry #3

The first prototype we made was based from the booger. In the booger we added guar gum to add elastic/rubbery properties. However, the guar gum only made the prototype to be clumpier, which brought failure to our first experiment. For the next prototype, we added solid cornstarch to thicken the polymer. The solid cornstarch made… More Journal Entry #3

Journal Entry #2

Oobleck was mixed with solid cornstarch and water. It left stickiness and was smooth. This polymer was neither bouncy nor slimy. When we did the poke test slowly, my finger went halfway through, but when I did it quickly it just left a small mark. Following on, the stretch test made the oobleck split down… More Journal Entry #2

Journal Entry #1

  In this polymer project we will try to solve a medical problem. The medical problem we thought that would occur a lot, especially during summer time, was skins to be scratched by shoes such as flip-flop and sandals. To solve this problem, our group thought of a protector to prevent people from having scratches… More Journal Entry #1