Journal Entry #1



In this polymer project we will try to solve a medical problem. The medical problem we thought that would occur a lot, especially during summer time, was skins to be scratched by shoes such as flip-flop and sandals. To solve this problem, our group thought of a protector to prevent people from having scratches on their skin. To create my polymer, we need recipes that make certain characteristics of the polymer we need. The ingredients should effect the stickiness, stretchiness, and bounciness of the polymer.

We are making this polymer for people who have sensitive skins that easily blisters. Our protector, the polymer, will be mostly used during the summer time because flip-flops and sandals are usually worn in summer more than in winter. In order to well-fit in to the product we are making, I want my polymer to be elasticity, stretchy, and moldable. Also the polymer should have a little bit of stickiness so that the product easily sticks on to people’s skin like bandages. The polymer to be elasticity will prevent the feet to break or push the protector all the way through, until the skin (feet) touches the shoe. The stretchy and moldable characteristic of the polymer will provide convenience to the people. They can be stretched or easily molded in to whatever shape the customer wants to make it in to. Last of all they will be fit in to any kinds of shoes with out any issues.

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